They repudiate Juana Viale after the confirmation of a controversial guest on her program

After a few weeks of absence, Juana Viale will return this weekend to host the traditional Sunday television lunches. Among her guests, the production of the cycle announces the presence of Jey Mammon, and the reactions to the actor’s presence did not take long to arrive.

The well-known actor and host was in the eye of the storm in recent years due to the complaint by Lucas Benvenuto, who claimed that the artist abused him when he was a 14-year-old teenager. Although the comedian was not legally convicted, he has just lost a trial for slander and insults against the aforementioned young man.

Jey Mammon will be on Juana Viale’s program this Sunday. Photo: Video capture América TV.

During the summer season, Jey Mammon He reappeared publicly with a show he starred in in Villa Carlos Paz, and now the former leader of La Peña de Morfi (Telefe) is one of those confirmed by the production of Juana Viale for this Sunday.

Our second confirmed guest for #LunchingWithJuana is host Jey Mammón. Sunday 1:45 p.m. on El Trece“, they announced from the social networks of @lamesazarg, and the reproaches towards Viale and his team did not take long to arrive.

Jey Mammon is one of the confirmed guests for this Sunday along with Mirtha Legrand. Photo: X @

“I reject this invitation”, “I’m not even going to watch the program”; “I can’t believe it. I’m not going to see it“, “How are they going to invite such a heinous defendant?“; were some of the messages that multiplied on social networks due to the presence of Jey Mammon in the cycle Mirtha Legrand.

However, some admirers of the artist showed their support by expressing: “Well, I love it! It’s time to go back”, “Come on Jey, go back to TV with your musicals”, “What good news again on television. a place where he should never have left, good luck Jey“.

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