The Netflix miniseries of only 6 chapters based on a book by Tom Wolfe that shares a creator with ‘Big Little Lies’

On May 2, the miniseries arrived on Netflix All a man, one of the big bets of the streaming platform for this month. Consisting of six chapters, it is based on the homonymous novel written by Tom Wolfe and it stars Jeff Daniels. In addition, it is perfect for subscribers of the audiovisual giant in Spain who enjoyed the successful Succession on HBO Max.

The miniseries has been created by David E. Kelly, which he was already in charge of adapting for Netflix Anatomy of a scandal and Lincoln’s Lawyeralthough his most successful works have come from the hand of HBO Max: he is responsible for Big Little Lies and of The Undoing. All a man has already sneaked into the most consumed in its first week, and could soon overthrow The Asunta case and My stuffed reindeer as the most seen.

‘Quite a man’, on Netflix: synopsis and cast

Charlie Croker He is the owner of a real estate empire for which life cannot smile anymore, but everything falls apart when he discovers that he does not have the liquidity to return the credit that he asked the bank for. On her way back to the top she will cross paths with an idealistic young man and a lawyer who has recently arrived at the elite, all in a city of Atlanta that is full of sociopolitical, economic and racial conflicts.

Tom Wolfe’s novel of the same name explores the problems of Atlanta of the late 20th century, and now it is adapted into a miniseries format with Jeff Daniels as the protagonist. All a man It is perfect for those who felt a great emptiness after the end of Successionsince it is set in the world of economic elites and the power struggle.

The protagonist of All a man is Jeff Daniels, who plays tycoon Charlie Croker. To the actor of The Newsroom they accompany him Diane Lane (DC Universe), Lucy Liu, Sarah Jones, Tom Pelphrey and William Jackson Harper, among many others. Three of the six 40 minute episodes of which the series is made up have been directed by the Oscar-winning actress Regina King.

In the first three days in which it has been available on Netflix, All a man has added 6,300,000 views and 28 million hours watched all over the world, only behind My stuffed reindeer. In Spain it remains in fourth position, with The Asunta case also ahead.

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