Santiago del Moro made a publication that CAN SENTENCE THE FUTURE OF FURIA in Big Brother

The fight between Juliana Scaglione and Mauro D’alessio changed the house because the image of “Furia” is no longer the same as before. However, after all the shouting that was generated and the sanction that can cost more than one stay at home, Santiago del Moro published a photo that can change everything.

The fight between them marked a break in the house because not only did they fight among themselves, but they marked a division that led to a strong scandal. Mauro betrayed Furia and tried to play for the “Bro” without telling him, this was perceived and the problem arose.

Mauro Furia

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But after everything that generated a heavy sanction for Juliana, the production asked both of them to maintain a good relationship because it was not well regarded outside. This was confirmed by Furia herself, who complained: “On top of that, they ask me to treat him well.”

After this, Santiago del Moro published a photo at Friday’s party of Furia and Mauro kissing and promoted: “Everything is Big Brother – See you Sunday at 10pm.” In this way, she assured that they are already settled and this may condition the future of the two in the house.

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The Big Brother 2023 house conditioned production: “If Mauro leaves, it’s anything”

Participants Bautista Mascia and Nicolás Grosman pointed out Big Brother 2023 in advance of Sunday’s elimination, ensuring that if Mauro Dalessio leaves it would be a scandal.

The one who was in charge of raising the situation was Nicolás while he was in the room with Florencia and the Uruguayan. There, talking about the plaque, he noted: “For me, if Mauro leaves, this is anything, post. Mauro, friend? Anything“.

Faced with these words and without backing down even a bit in the statement, Bautista remarked: “If Mauro leaves? Well friend, but many times it was anything… Many times“. In this way, the participants of Big Brother 2023 They continue to make clear their disagreement with the production’s treatment of Juliana Scaglione.

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