Why Disney+ presents the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ as the first if it has been broadcast for 60 years – Series news

Why Disney+ presents the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ as the first if it has been broadcast for 60 years – Series news
Why Disney+ presents the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ as the first if it has been broadcast for 60 years – Series news

The series premieres new episodes this May 11 on Disney+, but it does so with a renewed facade

Doctor Who Has returned. Three years after his last incarnation, Britain’s most famous traveler returns to action with a new look. Now the person in charge of bringing him to life is Ncuti Gatwa, who receives the baton along with his TARDIS and his new companion, this time in charge of Millie Gibson. A new beginning for the character that may surprise some.

If you have been following the series for a long time, you will be surprised to discover that the new batch of chapters is released as if it were a new fiction, independent of the previous 39 seasons. Why are we looking at season 1 of Doctor Who When the series has been on the air since 1964?

If we are honest, it is not a radical novelty in the world of the TARDIS. In its 60 years of history, Doctor Who has had small beginnings from time to time. Specifically, every time he changed Doctors. There are already 15 different incarnations, so the followers are more than used to changing the chip and having to adapt.

On top of that, in 2005 they did exactly the same thing they are doing now. 16 years had passed since the last episode and they saw it necessary to present it as a new era. This new season comes only three years after the last one, is it necessary? Although the one starring Jodie Whittaker has had bad reviews, the reason why season 1 of Doctor Who It is purely business.

Disney+ is behind the decision

“We did it in 2005 and that’s how we launched the new series,” says Russell T Davies, creator of the fiction, in an interview with SensaCineWe are very aware that we have never been bigger than now that we are on Disney+. Doctor Who “It has always been very well received, but it has never been released so simultaneously, it has never been translated throughout the world.”

It’s pure practicality. The chances that someone completely outside the doctor’s world would decide to watch season 14 – or 40, depending on how you look at it – are rather low. Nobody wants to mortgage themselves with a fiction that has been in development for decades. Hence they decided to make a clean slate – half-way – to attract more viewers.

The only way to keep Doctor Who alive is to make sure new viewers arrive. That is vital. You’re not going to want to get stuck into season 14. It’s not a reboot, I can tell the fans that much. The TARDIS will always be the TARDIS. The Doctor carries the entire story with him

This is key, since the creator ensures that the doctor will maintain his purest essence. The number only indicates that it is a renewal of sorts and that anyone can get hooked on Ncuti Gatwa’s version. Newbies will discover a science fiction series they didn’t know about and veterans will have what they’ve always liked.

“There are going to be moments in the series when the doctor talks and remembers things that have happened before and then you realize that he is exactly the same person”, continues T. Davies. “If you ask me how they are going to introduce a new James Bond – which is one of the great pieces of modern culture – I have no idea. Doctor Who has always been able to continue the story,” he adds.

The new season of Doctor Who premieres on Disney+ on May 11.

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