Nicole Neumann’s strong claim to Big Brother

Nicole Neumann’s strong claim to Big Brother
Nicole Neumann’s strong claim to Big Brother

Saturday, May 11, 2024


The model Nicole Neumannwho in addition to being an animal lover, is considered one of the public figures who defends their well-being, gave her opinion on the stay of Arthurthe dog that lives in the house Big Brother.

The truth is that in recent weeks, the recurring episodes of violence in the reality show escalated to levels in which not even the puppy was exempt, appearing nervous or confused on more than one occasion.

Following a discouraging panorama inside the most famous house in the world, from the group Little footprints They made public their intentions to recover the pet that they themselves agreed to give up to the reality show.

The statement from the rescue institution was forceful: “We immediately request the production of Big Brother Argentina to return the dog, making available, by this group, a transit home, necessary care and subsequent adoption, subject to the corresponding ‘form of adoption'”.

From the decision of Little footprintsfrom the networks they reported that Marisolcouple of Martin Ku, was already notified: “Marisol is already aware of this situation and is in contact with the group. As she is known to the public, Martí is the person who wanted to adopt Arturo.”

From the controversy, from THE M they gave the word of Nicole Neumann, who did not avoid the topic: “I tell you the truth, I don’t know. I don’t watch the program, I read a little on the networks. But I calculate, from what I saw, that if the rescuers who gave it are claiming it and are saying that the animal is not in living conditions, that is clearly how it should be.”

“They should return it. And if the situation of the dog that is not having a good time is complicated and could be complicated for everyone on top of it, clearly they would have to return it. It would have to be legally reviewed, but they should return it, that’s for sure,” said the model.

Aside from the different positions on the stay of Arthur inside the house, the truth is that the group already warned that they could initiate legal actions against the production of Big Brother.

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