Who is the actor from ‘Without breasts there is no paradise’ who asks for money in buses?

Who is the actor from ‘Without breasts there is no paradise’ who asks for money in buses?
Who is the actor from ‘Without breasts there is no paradise’ who asks for money in buses?

In the midst of the daily life of Chapinero, Bogotá, the life of the renowned Colombian actor Luis Soler took an unexpected turn in 2021, when he was the victim of a violent acid robbery that robbed him of his vision. Known for his participation in prominent television productions such as ‘Without breasts there is no paradise’, ‘Your stereo voice’ and ‘Francisco, the mathematician’, Now he walks through the same streets, but this time asking for help to survive.

According to what Soler himself told several media outlets, including CityTV and La Red, The tragic incident occurred when a trans woman approached him to request money. Without paying attention to her words, when he looked at her he received the cruel chemical attack on his face, leaving him with a burning sensation and the gradual loss of his visual ability. In addition, he regretted the alleged medical negligence in not receiving timely care.

Actor from important Colombian productions asks for alms in the streets

Recently, an Infobae journalist witnessed the difficult situation that Soler is going through. During a trip on route D10, an unknown man got on the vehicle asking for financial help for his daily support. With humility, Soler identified himself and shared his story, admitting that the lack of job opportunities and the urgent need for resources led him to resort to begging.

“My name is Luis Soler, it is very uncomfortable for me to do this, but I have no other way to make a living but to get up here and ask you to give me any support that you can give me,” the journalist heard.

In turn, he added: I appeared in Without breasts there is no paradise’, ‘Tu Voz Estéreo’ and ‘Francisco, the mathematician’, among many other soap operas, but due to my condition they no longer give me roles anywhere. Search the internet and you will see that everything I tell you is real. “I suffer from partial blindness, because I was the victim of an acid attack.”

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The actor, who no longer receives job offers due to his visual disability, called for community solidarity, highlighting his career in the entertainment industry and the difficult reality he faces without health insurance to cover the costs of a Possible corneal transplant. Hoping to find support.

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