Fury swore revenge for Mauro’s departure against his new enemy in Big Brother

The sports instructor is very hurt and spoke without filters with several of her colleagues.

The sports instructor exposed her anger in front of the other players in the house. (Photo: Telefe capture)

The elimination of Mauro Dalessio of Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) left completely devastated Juliana “Furia” Scaglioneone of the most important strategists of this edition of the reality show.

Rage believe it was Emma Vich who was behind her partner inside the house confronting her and, therefore, she does not want to know anything more about being friends with the hairdresser.

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Following the elimination of the marketing manager, Fury had a talk with several of the boys who tried to console her for her sadness. Surrounded by Martin Ku, Zoe Bogach, Nico Grosman, Florence Regidor, Bautista Mascia and Virginia Demothe sports instructor He swore revenge against Emma.

“When they asked in the minute who I wanted to leave, I said Emma. If we (for Mauro) if we had before everything that was discussed yesterday things would have been different and we could have gotten Emma”he commented Rageabout the moment in which he asked in the confessional for the departure of his now enemy.

This is how Fury declared war on Emma in “Big Brother.” (Photo: Telefe Capture)

Juliana, without any type of filter, revealed what she plans for next week. “The next Emma falls on a plate I’ll fucking do it. Outside, one after the other. If I stay again and more in this one, I have to get strong, because I don’t know what’s coming,” she launched.

During this Sunday’s gala, Furia had gone through the confessional where he revealed that he no longer wants to know anything about Emma, ​​whom consider a traitor. That’s why she told the fandom about him. “The only thing I am going to ask of you is that, as you see everything, choose the most traitorto the most liar, to the most false, to the most son of a…”, he asked.

Furia maintained that she discovered that the hairdresser is by her side “simply because of the support of my fans” and that is why she would like to “turn things around.” “I don’t want to leave, I’ve been here for five months and I’ve already put ten players on my back. I think I’m a great player”, he remarked.

This was Mauro’s departure from Big Brother 2023

In a head-to-head with a strong impact, Mauro D’Alessio lost to Fury and it remained out of competition by public decision. The number was a 57.8% versus 42.2% of his partner, who is still at home

This is how the voting in “Big Brother” turned out. (Photo: Telefe capture)

“One of you has to leave, so let’s go to the steaks: whoever leaves the most famous house in the world is… Mauro!” Santiago del Moro announced in the last block of the reality show. Upon hearing the driver’s words, the player greeted everyone through tears and hugged each one of them.

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The most moving farewell was with Fury. “I love you”exclaimed the sports instructor and greeted with a kiss on the mouth. “They are incredible people, again proud and grateful of all of you,” Mauro exclaimed, before crossing the door of the house to the outside.

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