They can charge you up to 400 million

They can charge you up to 400 million
They can charge you up to 400 million

‘Lto the house of the famous Colombia‘continues to generate reactions on social networks, due to what happens with the contestants who are still within the ‘reality’ of the ‘Canal RCN’.

In this new week, Sebastián González established himself as the new leadersomething that favors the ‘galacticos’, who already have nominations for Martha Isabel Bolaños at the request of Diana Ángel, the last one to be eliminated.

In the midst of this good news for the team, it has also been seen that there is a lot of tension on the part of the other contestants, especially ‘Pantera’ and Alfredo ‘Redes’ towards Julián Trujillo.

‘RCN’ would impose a monetary penalty for physical aggression in ‘The House of the Famous’

Followers of the Vix format witnessed how these two ‘papillentes’ expressed that they could lead to possible physical aggression against the actor if he approaches them and touches their shoulder to seek dialogue.

That’s when Karen Sevillano intervened to tell her colleagues that, in the contract they signed before entering ‘The House of the Famous’it was stated that if any participant touches another with the aim of harming him, he will not only be expelled, but also will receive a millionaire fine of 200 or 400 million pesos.

– Alfredo: “If there is physical aggression here, what happens?”
– ‘La Segura’: “He throws himself out.”
– Alfredo: “But isn’t there a fine?”
– ‘La Segura’: “200 I think.”
​- Karen Sevillano: “400 million (…) it comes out and a fine (…) guys, I read that several times.”

This statement was supported by ‘La Segura’, but it didn’t stop ‘Pantera’ from adding that “that didn’t matter to him”; Alfredo, for his part, assured: “I was asking. Because if suddenly there is no fine I am going to crack it“.

This conversation between the ‘papillente’ team became popular on the social network Julian Trujillo.

When have you seen a Gamin settling a difference through dialogue? They only go to blows”, “The lowest thing they put in that #LaCasaDeLosFamososCo, they gathered all the gamines”, “‘RCN’ What do you think about this? Will you take action or do you expect something serious to happen?”, “Is production seriously going to allow something to happen?“were some reactions.


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