Darío’s son wanted to conquer Fury in Big Brother and his father gave him a warning

Darío’s son wanted to conquer Fury in Big Brother and his father gave him a warning
Darío’s son wanted to conquer Fury in Big Brother and his father gave him a warning

Darío warned his son about a possible rapprochement with Furia (Telefe)

After the family members entered, the house Big Brother (Telefe) is revolutionized. As if it were a breath of fresh air, participants seek to generate new ties and cope with confinement by meeting new people. In that sense, one of the relationships that caught the public’s attention the most was that of the son of Dario with Rage. Far from standing idly by, the young man’s father gave him a harsh warning.

For several weeks, the native of La Plata and the stuntwoman have constantly clashed. From strong statements to threats, the participants’ relationship is not good. For that reason, upon seeing that his son entered the reality show with him, Darío sought to ‘protect’ him from Juliana’s bad attitudes. “Did you see how he is with Furia, Pancho? All the same thing he did with Mauro. You don’t know if he targeted you or what do I know. The day after tomorrow he could be yelling at you“, the player began by saying to Francisco.

The relationship between Furia and Darío’s son (Telefe)

It all happened this Tuesday when the players were sitting at the table. It was then when Darío and his son went out to the garden and had a conversation. “If she is there, you have to walk the other way. What she did? She grabbed you and sat you next to her. That’s how she plays because they don’t approach her. So she uses you. You don’t know if she’s cool or if she’s using you,” the automotive worker told him energetically.

As they toured the place, away from the other little brothers, Darío continued: “It’s to avoid a bad time for you. Nothing else. Then don’t give him space for free by approaching him, do you understand me? Only if she talks to you. Because she plays 24/7. The daughter of a bitch… is playing all day. “No dye, Nothing at all.” The participant’s words referred to the attitudes that the stunt double had as soon as her son crossed the door. After he hugged Francisco, Furia approached him and showed him all her affection.

Another of the crucial moments in the coexistence occurred when the participants chatted in the patio. Far from listening to his father’s advice, Francisco sat next to Juliana. And as if that were not enough, then they both covered themselves with a blanket and snuggled up.

Darío was conflicted about Furia’s game (Telefe)

Days ago, the stuntwoman was in the eye of the storm after crossing a new limit. “With all this about Mauro, Darío told me: ‘you can leave anyway.’ I replied: ‘Don’t put that into my colleagues’ heads because I’m going to break your head.’ I told him,” Furia said, in a chat with Virginia. The thing is that Juliana couldn’t stand her partner questioning the relationship she had with Mauro and therefore she is at risk of being eliminated from the game. “I am a woman and I defended myself. Women can defend themselves too. I put it in Darío’s ass because he is a sexist as hell,” Furia concluded.

It is not the first crossing between both players. Days ago, Furia once again aroused controversy. With a knife in her hand, she was seen in a defiant attitude in front of Dario, one of her newest players. “I’m going to be watching you,” Furia was heard telling her partner. Faced with this reaction, the little brother looked at her and immediately asked her: “Why are you telling me that?” At that moment she walked away from her and did not respond to the man, who was confused with the situation. Quickly, the images went viral on social networks, from where Big Brother followers expressed their criticism of this repeated situation.

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