William Levy announces his return to the screen

William Levy announces his return to the screen
William Levy announces his return to the screen

Scandals in the life of William Levy have been the order of the day after announcing the definitive separation of Elizabeth Gutierrez with whom he had his two children Christopher and Kailey. He even learned that the young girl was pushed by her father when he tried to find out if he was with a woman in her room. Rumors of domestic violence and illicit substance use also emerged. It seems that all this whirlwind of bickering has calmed down; Now, the actor makes it known that he is already preparing his next professional projects.

“After the success last year of William Levy (star of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter) as the protagonist of Monte Cristo on ViX, the Televisa Univision streamer signed Secuoya Studios and William Levy Entertainment to a production deal. Together, the companies will develop two new projects: the series Arcadia and the movie under a volcanoboth starring Levy, who will also be in charge of executive production,” reads a publication that the famous man released on his Instagram account.

He accompanied this text with the cover of an article with this information published by the American media deadline.

William Levy.

Carlos Alvarez/FilmMagic

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In addition, it is mentioned in broad strokes what each project is about that is said to be “scheduled to begin production” this year. “Arcadia tells the story of Pablo (Levy), a man on the run due to a broken heart and a violent past. Under a false identity, he begins a new life with his son in Arcadia, an idyllic town in the Canary Islands. [Por su parte], under a volcanofollows an ill-timed and forbidden love that occurs in the midst of a natural catastrophe.

It seems that tranquility is coming to the life of William Levy, since he first announced that his relationship with his daughter Kailey is better and gave her driving lessons, and now he announces these two productions.

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