It has been five months since the players arrived at the house in which different strategies were seen by the production to add different seasonings to the game. Among them were the little dog Arturo, repechages and the entry of former participants like Coti.

“I have seen them talk a lot about the date the program ends. I can’t give you an exact number because of the number of games in between. But the final of the program is going to be the first days of July”the host told them during the nomination gala this Monday.

“It’s another month and a half. Everyone thought it was over. I told them June, but it’s not June. You, with your heads, thought about May, but no, it ends in July,” she concluded.

Big Brother 2025

X (ex Twitter)

This is consistent with the fact that Telefe has the rights to broadcast the Copa América, which could generate incompatibilities in the coexistence of content, galas, satellite programs and matches. The lack of certainty for the date of the final has precisely to do with the extensive schedule of matches in the continental competition.

Telefe wants an edition of Big Brother in 2025: when would it start

The channel Telefe would be in advanced talks so that Big Brother have a new edition in 2025something that surprised viewers considering what he had said Laura Ubfal.

The person who was in charge of confirming the news was the journalist Leo Arias through his X account (former Twitter), where he reported: “ Big Brother 2025 starts in March“. In this way, between the beginning of the 2023-24 edition and the next It’s only going to be 15 monthsso the public may not accompany the television program.

On the other hand, he assured the culmination date of the present reality show: “This would end on July 8“. If the latter is real, It will have been almost 7 months since the program begansince the participants entered the house on December 11, 2023.

Almost 3 months ago, journalist Laura Ubfal had revealed that From November 2024 it will be on air Big Brother Celebrities Argentina, so it was going to be the return of the special edition. In this way, it was believed that the reality show was going to rest until 2026but the latest information would indicate the opposite.

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