A Paraguayan woman gave a great audition, but Lali didn’t like it: “For me it’s a…”

A Paraguayan woman gave a great audition, but Lali didn’t like it: “For me it’s a…”
A Paraguayan woman gave a great audition, but Lali didn’t like it: “For me it’s a…”

This Tuesday, Lali Espósito faced the criticism she received after auditioning a Paraguayan singer in X Factor. Through X (Twitter), the Argentine artist explained the selection mechanisms of the Spanish program and remarked: “There are people flashing bad vibes.”

For a few weeks now, Lali has been living in Spain since she was chosen as a jury for Factor X, a talent contest very similar to what is known here as The Argentine Voice. Last Sunday, Spanish television broadcast Aye Alfonso’s audition and a strong stir was generated on social networks.

The young Paraguayan woman performed the song Eternal love by Rocío Dúrcal and dazzled three of the four jurors. “Aye, you have incredible vocal strength. I was… My chest was vibrating. I don’t know if you are going to conquer Spain, but you are going to conquer my heart,” said Abraham Mateo.

Lali asked Aye to perform another song and the young woman was applauded by the audience present. Even so, the Argentine told her that she was not convinced with her audition and she was the only one who gave her a “no” to enter the program.

“I don’t know if we have the time to finish finding out if Aye has the ‘X factor’ for what we are looking for. She is an artist, she has it in her blood, but for me she is a no. With a lot of respect,” said Espósito. Luckily for her, the participant earned three “yeses” and entered the program.

Between criticism and defense

Through social networks, Lali began to receive strong criticism for her return and she herself felt the need to come out to clarify the situation. “Hey, there are people flashing bad vibes in my words towards a beautiful singer Aye who appeared on Factor X!”, The singer wrote at the beginning of her release.

“It is part of the program that, sometimes, we ask them to sing something else, another style or give feedback where we look for ‘something more’ to get to know the artist. Each one of us has to put together teams and think about what he wants to have. They say no sometimes and NOTHING determines ANYONE’s talent or ability,” she added.

And finally he added: “You are never disrespectful or rude! It’s a show and both my colleagues and I are respectful of the artists who stand there! A kiss to everyone.”

His words were the subject of debate and generated even more controversy. Although many continued with their open criticism (adding opinions that were completely different from what the Paraguayan audition was), others appealed to defend her and understood that, like any program/reality/competition, tastes are tastes.

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