When does The Squid Game 2 premiere on Netflix?

When does The Squid Game 2 premiere on Netflix?
When does The Squid Game 2 premiere on Netflix?

It is assured that the series already has a release date on the streaming platform.

By Constance Suarez

05/15/2024 – 17:28 CLT

© NetflixThey assure that The Squid Game 2 has a release date

One of the biggest unknowns of Netflix is the release date of the second season of The Squid Game. And since the new season was announced, the streaming site has not given much more details about what we will see in it.

It was at the beginning of the year that the platform finally revealed the first images of the series and the characters who will return in the new cycle.

They assure that it has a release date

During this day it was revealed through Business Insider that the second season of The Squid Game would already have a set release date to get to Netflix.

The information would come directly from the Lee Jung-Jae’s mouththe lead actor from the first season who played Gi-Hun in the series.

And on the same page it is pointed out that in an interview with the actor during the Disney+ The Acolyte red carpet made on Tuesday, he revealed that the series has its premiere set for December of this year.

This would be the only thing the actor would have said to the site, since he would have kept more details secret without mentioning a single word more about its premiere, this because Netflix has not confirmed anything at the moment.

Although, Ted Sarandos, revealed to The Hollywood Reporterrevealed a while ago that the series would hit the page during the second half of 2024.

With what Lee Jung-Jae said, it would be more than clear that the series finally will be released on Netflix later this year, on a soon date to be confirmed and announced on the site.

It must be remembered that the The first season of The Squid Game premiered on Netflix in September 2021 and shortly after its second season was confirmed. Almost four years have passed since then and only now will we see its continuation.

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