Pangal Andrade already knows who his rival is in Win or Serve?

Pangal Andrade already knows who his rival is in Win or Serve?
Pangal Andrade already knows who his rival is in Win or Serve?

Image: Channel 13

A few weeks ago, when it was leaked that Fabio Agostini joined Win or Serve?it was said that the winner of Brave Land He came to make things difficult for Pangal Andrade in the competitions.

The thing is that, as it turned out, the extreme athlete was winning all the tests in the reality showso they had recruited Agostini to confront him.

However, it turns out that The Spaniard’s participation was limited to a couple of days due to a conflict he had with Luis Mateucci.

Despite this, Pangal Andrade does not look down on his teammates who are still in the competition, among whom are names like Raimundo Cerda, Claudio Valdivia and Luis Mateucci himself.

My most complex rival is Claudio Valdivia because he follows me, always on their heels. He always saves himself, he is waiting for his moment,” Pangal Andrade comments to The Filter.

Along these lines, the participant of Win or Serve? states that “he could go very far, He just needs to say what he has to say and he doesn’t dare to do it.“I feel that it is a closed book that must be read well.”

“He is a very good person, we have not seen each other since Year 0, has tremendous stories, a watery life. He is a friend inside and I trust him. He is a good competitor, he is the one who follows me, just like he was in Year 0”adds Pangal Andrade.

Likewise, he highlights that Claudio Valdivia “is very good at being in a team, at abiding, at uniting the team, and he is also good at leading, when he is given the task. He is a very good element in the team, without him we would lose”.

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