He did the forbidden steps with a stiletto – Publimetro Chile

He did the forbidden steps with a stiletto – Publimetro Chile
He did the forbidden steps with a stiletto – Publimetro Chile

Luis Mateucci suffered a funny fall in Win or Serve? which generated concern and laughter from the activity host Matías Vega, but which, luckily, did not escalate.

It all happened during the “role change” activity carried out in the reality show, where each man characterized himself as one of his fellow inmates and each woman as a man.


On the occasion, the Argentine had to play his ex-partner Oriana Marzoli, wearing a period green dress, a blonde wig and shiny silver women’s shoes, with large stiletto heels.

There, on a platform, Mateucci began to imitate the Spanish woman and applied some dance steps that left him falling to the ground, after bending his ankle and losing his balance.

But, since there is no first without a second, he later returned to “buying land.” Although, on that occasion, he threw himself as part of the show and did a backflip that left him on his back on the ground. Again, causing more laughter than concern.

Kisses in role reversal

Among the duos that stood out, Blue Mary was asked in her character as Claudio Valdivia, why nothing loving happens and answered: “Because I’m slow, I take my time,” although they later closed by giving each other a kiss.

Raimundo and Gala paraded and their companions shouted for them to kiss. In character, Gala agreed to kiss Rai on the cheek, arguing that “I want to make you feel like a special woman. “I don’t want to be like Austin who kisses them all.”

When it was Mariela and Botota’s turn, the transformer imitated the journalist with his pendulum, crying and claiming that he wants to leave. “I tell you not to fish at those h…” Mariela responded, imitating Botota. Meanwhile, the most complicated were Pangal with Dani and Coca with Faloon, since both men had a lot of problems with the heels. So much so that Coca fell from the ladder and broke his shoe before getting out.

Finally, the activity was won by Luis on the men’s side and Faloon on the women’s side.

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