‘Maxton Hall’ (Season 2): renewal, release date, who is returning and who is not, plot and everything we know about the future of the Prime Video series – Series News

‘Maxton Hall’ (Season 2): renewal, release date, who is returning and who is not, plot and everything we know about the future of the Prime Video series – Series News
‘Maxton Hall’ (Season 2): renewal, release date, who is returning and who is not, plot and everything we know about the future of the Prime Video series – Series News

The teenage romantic series is triumphing on the streaming platform and has plenty of material to continue exploring the love story of Ruby and James

There is a series raising passions on Amazon’s streaming platform and, although it is possible that until a week ago you would not have heard of it, now you are probably seeing it everywhere. We are talking about Maxton Hall: A world between usa German series based on the best-selling ‘Save’ trilogy by author Mona Kasten which in the last week has become very viral on social networks as a result of the flood of comments from users who have become completely hooked on it as soon as it started.

Developed by Daphne Ferraro, the first season of six episodes maxton Hall It was released on May 9 and, in just one week, it has managed to raise passions among lovers of teenage romances. Just as the After saga achieved in its day and in the midst of the boom of the phenomenon that began My fault in 2023.

With a story that inevitably reminds us of the successful series Elite from Netflix, which was also a true phenomenon inside and outside of Spain in its day, but based on a series of novels, Maxton Hall is the story of Ruby Bell (Harriet Herbig-Matten), a young woman who comes from a humble family who, thanks to a scholarship, manages to get one of the coveted places at the prestigious elite university Maxton Hall. There she is surrounded mainly by the wealthy children of the upper class of the area, who are used to having everything they want in life without having to earn it and who look at Ruby as an intruder.

At first, millionaire heir James Beaufort (Damian Hardung) is no exception, but things change when Ruby witnesses a secret that James wants to hide at all costs and that inevitably establishes a bond between them. A tense and interested relationship at first that soon turns into an unstoppable attraction.

After the premiere of the first season, everyone is wondering about the future of the series. Take note below everything we know about season 2 of Maxton Hall:

Will ‘Maxton Hall’ have season 2?

At the moment Maxton Hall has not been officially renewed, but, since The first season is based on the first volume ‘Save Me’ of the ‘Save’ trilogy by Mona Kastenit is to be expected that Prime Video’s plans include adapting the entire trilogy.

With the two sequels to the novel ‘Save You’ and ‘Save Us’ already published, the series has more than enough material for future seasons, but Prime Video has to assess whether the first installment has met expectations.

However, seeing that it has become the new obsession of romantic ‘young adult’ fans, it seems quite possible that its future is guaranteed. In fact, andn your first week Maxton Hall It was already number one among the most viewed Prime Video series in 68 countries -according to figures from the Flixpatrol portal-.

‘Maxton Hall’ (Season 2): Release Date

Since there is no official confirmation of the renewal for a second season, it is evident that There is no date of any kind for its premiere on Prime Video.

However, if we expect that the series can be renewed in a few weeks and not take too long in the production of a new installment of six episodes, which are not many, perhaps it is not too optimistic to think about mid-2025, just one year from now, as a possible premiere date for season 2.

‘Maxton Hall’ (Season 2): How does the story continue?

Given the Maxton Hall is based on a series of books and the first one adapts the first novel, We can count on the second season to focus on the second volume, Save Youalthough we do not know if only a part or in its entirety.

In the second volume, Ruby and James’ relationship goes into crisis. According to the official description, the devastated young woman has to face the damage that James has done to her, while she is unable to forget him. Meanwhile, James does everything he can to get Ruby back.

“Ruby never wants to see James again. What she has done to him is unforgivable. But James is broken, his world is shaking and is about to break into pieces,” reads the official synopsis of Planet of Books.

‘Maxton Hall’ (Season 2): Who’s coming back and who’s not

Of course, Damian Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten have to be back as James and Ruby, respectively and that’s the main thing.

However, we can count on the majority of the cast returning in the skin of their characters: Sonja Weißer as Lydia, Andrea Guo as Lin Wang, Justus Riesner as Alistair, Fedja Van Huêt as Mortimer, Ben Felipe as Cyril Vega, Runa Greiner as Ember , Julia-Maria Köhler as Helen, Martín Neuhaus as Angus and Eidin Jalali as Graham.

On the contrary, it seems that the big absentee will be Clelia Sarto as Claudelia Beaufort, James and Lydia’s mother, although the deceased could appear through flashbacks.

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