The new and serious complaint against Furia that could remove her from the Big Brother house

“The house is facing one of the most difficult moments due to the repeated episodes of violence and they all have a common denominator: Fury. There are two surveys on networks that indicate that Juliana could leave with 48% of the votes and that her image fell seven positions “detailed the driver of THE M.

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At the same time, they slipped that Rage He seems to have had a lot of information from outside for a long time.. “It seems that someone had passed him information or sensed his situation, since At the nomination gala he mentioned the furious ones he has leftthey remarked.

Meanwhile, after a detailed analysis and a report with the many fights of Rage with different participants from the house since the competition began, De Brito He gave his opinion on what he believes should be done for the production of the reality show with the player who gives the most content and dividends to the program. “I think she will reach the final, they will drag her to the final as best they can”he declared for sure.

Santiago del Moro made unexpected announcements and Furia exploded with anger in Big Brother

The driver of Big Brother (Telefe), Santiago del Moroannounced this Wednesday some news to the participants and Juliana ‘Furia’ Scaglione He broke out in anger. “How they take care of your cu…”shot at Emmanuel Vichhis new enemy inside the house.

After midnight, the presenter opened two envelopes he had in his hand, one red and one yellow. The first one he read, the red one, said that the leader of the week, Facundofriend of Martin Kuyou would have to save a player and bring two participants up to the plate. Facundoin complicity with The Chinesewill finish defining who will be this week’s nominees.

Meanwhile, the statement in the yellow envelope reported that the last visitor to leave the house would receive a very special prize. Del Moro He did not elaborate on what the benefit will be.

Before saying goodbye to the players, he warned them that this Sunday’s vote will be positive. What does it mean? The public, this time, will choose which visitor they want to stay in the house.

Rageupon hearing this news, stood up very angry and began to scream, in reference to Emma which is accompanied by Noelia the Catwhich they were “taking care of”. “How they take care of your cu…”, the tattooed woman launched. And she added sharply: “You have to go son of a bit…”.

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