‘X-Men ’97’. The explained ending of season 1 and the comics and episodes of the classic series that we cannot miss, according to its creator

‘X-Men ’97’. The explained ending of season 1 and the comics and episodes of the classic series that we cannot miss, according to its creator
‘X-Men ’97’. The explained ending of season 1 and the comics and episodes of the classic series that we cannot miss, according to its creator

‘Tolerance is extinction’ has left us excited, but there is a lot of substance to explain in the Marvel series

May 16, 2024, 18:00

Updated May 16, 2024, 18:25

What an adventure this has given us, accelerated, season 1 of ‘X-Men ’97’. The wonderful Marvel series for Disney+ has kept us hooked until an ending that He has given everything, putting the X-Men in an impossible situation. with the world on the brink of collapse and putting the extinction of an entire species at stake.

So let’s go over and try to explain what happened in the third part of ‘Tolerance is extinction‘, the tenth and last episode of this first batch of chapters. Not only that, but since the series does not make concessions for the novice viewer or not too initiated into mutant lore, we also have some recommendations from the creator, Beau DeMayo.

Asteroid M War

The episode picks up where we left off: Badly injured wolverine, apparently stripped of his adamantium, and Xavier taking control of Magneto’s mind to restore power to Earth. In this process, the mind of the master of magnetism is fractured and Xavier sets out to try to heal him. Meanwhile, on Earth, when Bastion has Cable cornered, Jean Gray suddenly re-emerges from the waters as a Phoenix, returning the Prime sentinels their humanity and freeing Nathan from Sinister’s control.

Bastion frees himself and goes for the asteroid to launch it, pardon the redundancy, towards Earth. He is not the only one who has considered drastic measures, since President Kelly has activated the Magneto protocols, launching missiles towards the star. We are not going to get into the details of the final battle between Bastion and the X-Men… suffice it to say that the battle ends with an explosion which ends, presumably, the lives of everyone who was there.

E for epilogue

And here begins the meaty epilogue of the season. Six months have passed and, at Xavier’s Mansion, Forge is trying to track down the mutants he knows. On his board you see names like Colossus, Magik, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Iceman, Kaos, Dust, Exodus, Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde (will we have a new team “present”?) and no trace of either Jubilee or Sunspot.

This is where he will be when Bishop arrives, who warns that the question is not where, but when. Thus, we have the X-Men separated by seven millennia of distance. The bulk of the group (Rogue, Nightcrawler, Beast, Xavier and Magneto) are stranded in ancient Egypt in 3000 BC. There they will help a young man In Sabah Nurbetter known to all of us as Apocalypse, a villain who has been quite absent in this series.

Jean and Scott, for their part, are in 3960 ADwhere you will receive the Mother Askani and a young Nathan at a curious family reunion. And, chronology of the Marvel Universe through, we are in the future that welcomed the Summers’ baby (infected by Sinister with a virus at the beginning of the season [1×02]). A world that would be completely subject to Apocalypse and in which the Askani clan forms a kind of rebel and resistance faction.

Here comes an important twist and one that makes this a double family reunion. The most fans will have realized (she is distinguished by the “hound” marks on her face) that Mother Askani is none other than Rachel Summers. Yes, indeed, Scott and Jean’s daughter in the alternative line of ‘Days of Future Past’. The character, in fact, had already appeared a couple of times “in the background” in the 90s series.

According to the comics, after traveling to the present (classic time messes) and becoming part of Excalibur, the heroine was displaced in time at a given moment, jumping almost two thousand years. She would appear, thenIn this apocalyptic future where I would found this clan with Xavier’s values ​​as a creed and would be in charge of raising young Nathan.

Well, of parenting and the creation of a clone of the child in case he did not survive the virus (Discord), but we’re getting into it—between this and the story of how he brought in Scott and Jean’s minds as “Slym” and “Redd” to train the young man— in a garden that I don’t know if they will get into. And no, I haven’t forgotten the post-credits scene, with Apocalypse in the present hinting at turning the deceased Gambit into one of his horsemen.

The essential comics and episodes

On the other hand, prior to this ending, the creator and former showrunner of the series, Beau DeMayo, has advised that we have to add a couple of things to our to-do list to see where everything comes from. On the one hand, he recommended reading ‘fatal attractions‘ (1993), the X-Men crossover by Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, Greg Capullo and many more, which celebrated the group’s 30th anniversary.

From there, for example, comes the whole plot of the electromagnetic pulse that sows chaos and the Magneto protocol that President Kelly activates to shoot down Asteroid M… not to mention the villain ripping out Wolverine’s adamantium. It is not the only comic that he adapts, since Bastion is the great villain of ‘Operation: Zero Tolerance‘ (1997), by Lobdell and Carlos Pacheco, among others.

Then, for this final episode, DeMayo has recommended viewing ‘The Final Decision‘, the last chapter of the first season of ‘X-Men’, the animated series from the 90s, in which the X-Men and Magneto team up to fight Master Mold, who has replaced Senator Kelly’s brain with a computer and other world leaders.

It is not the only episode of the classic series whose viewing the creator has recommended: ‘Sanctuary‘ (4×03-04), with the presentation of Asteroid M; ‘One Man’s Worth‘ (4×09-10), with time travel to kill Xavier in 1959; and ‘Descent‘ (5×09), which reveals the origins of Sinister. By the way, the episode numbers are as they are on Disney+.

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