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“CHUECO” is back with its second season, which is now available on Disney+ to enjoy the best family entertainment. The series, the platform’s first sitcom produced in Latin , brings back Chueco, the mischievous and talkative ape, along with a stellar cast led by Darío Barassi, Consuelo Duval and Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristarán.

Looking ahead to the premiere of this long-awaited second installment, from CARAS Magazine we chatted with Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristarán who told us some details of what we will see in this new season and the excitement of having installed “CHUECO” in the hearts of the fans .

“There is no longer a need to tell or explain to people that Chueco is irreverent, that he is crazy, that he is a scoundrel, adorable too, on the other hand,” says Aristarán, making it clear that his character has already established himself in the public and is left wanting.

Regarding the recording of this second season, the actor comments that “the work mechanics were also much more fluid. He already knew all those secrets that we were also discovering while we were doing it. And there was also another type of relaxation when it came to being able to do it, knowing how much we can change, where we can go, what jokes to spin.”

“When we entered the cabin and it was like, come on, play, and we started. And it was spectacular, it was almost at first reading. Because there was a gymnastics session for the entire team. Although I am the one who provides the voice, there is a sound technician in the back, there are the puppeteers, who are six people who manage Chueco. He is not a puppet. He goes through everything inside Chueco. It happens to Darío, Consuelo, the boys, how they interact with the character. There is a whole synergy,” adds the artist enthusiastically.

“It’s more interesting this path that he has now, that we already know him, of how to explore the games that he plays with the pranks that he sends. And there is also something very interesting that Disney does is that he also listens a lot to the people who consume it. And based on that too, the contents adapt and become more and more interesting,” says “Soy Rada.”

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