The scene from ‘The Bridgertons’ that everyone is talking about

The new season of The Bridgertons has released its first four episodes, they demonstrated the reason why it is one of the platform’s flagship series. But more than ever, it is also a feminist and contemporary adaptation of the historical drama narrated in Julia Quinn’s books. A point that the third season highlights in a decision by both the production and its cast, which reaffirms the production’s intention to break taboos and prejudices.

Everything has happened, thanks to the decision of actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope in the plot, to perform several nude scenes. That, in a direct response to the campaign of ridicule and criticism against her appearance that she has received in recent months. However, instead of letting herself be intimidated, the actress considered it necessary to include the nudity of her character as a way to vindicate the beauty of her body. That, beyond the rigid contemporary aesthetic standards.

The 37-year-old actress had to deal with all kinds of criticism and insults during the last two seasons and especially after her character’s role in the third was announced. Therefore, for the interpreter, it became necessary to express Penelope’s freedom, independence and power through the decision to show her body. Much more, being one of the most interesting figures in the series of the recently released installment. A point that the actress has taken very seriously.

A nude for history

The above motivated Nicola Coughlan not only to provide greater complexity, emotion and nuances to her beloved character. Also, stripping completely naked in what she considered a “gesture of rebellion” of enormous importance for the dynamics of the story. According to Variety, the artist decided that showing herself without clothes would be much more than a script twist. It would also be a way to demonstrate that bodily and aesthetic freedom is essential. for a new dimension of women’s figures on the big and small screen.

He insisted the same thing in an interview with Radio Times, in which he explained that the scene had changed the course of his character. Both in history and in its importance as a symbol. Much more so, after months of enduring the pressure of being criticized and singled out for her physical appearance, outside the limits established by the world of entertainment. So she considered that showing herself openly in a scene of considerable importance, It was an elemental point for Penelope’s evolution.

At the same time, the actress considered that facing harassment and targeting campaigns is a step on the right path. Specifically, to demonstrate the self-confidence and powerful meaning of love for his character. “There is a scene in which I am very naked in front of the camera and that was my idea, my choice. I felt like the biggest ‘fuck you’ in all the conversations about my body. It was incredibly enriching. Having seen those scenes, I am very proud of them,” she explained to Radio Times.

New chapters full of surprises

But beyond the nude scenes, Nicola Coughlan made an effort to give her character renewed prominence. Or just be the damsel in love with her. Something that provides a new dimension to the figure of the mysterious writer who has become of considerable importance to the plot. “She was definitely intimidating. Hundreds of millions of people watch the series. That’s really scary,” she commented to Variety. “Fortunately, we had enormous physical trust with each other, so the whole scene ended up being something really beautiful.”

The first four episodes of the third season of The Bridgertons, can be seen right now on the platform. The next four will be released on June 13. Which would conclude that, without a doubt, It is shaping up to be one of the most controversial installments of the program.

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