El Trece drops a new program that its host abandoned and did not meet ratings expectations

In the dynamic and complex scenario that Argentine open television is experiencing, El Trece made the decision to download a new program that did not meet the ratings expectations that the channel’s live broadcasters had.

The person in charge of breaking the news about the cycle that will soon no longer be seen on El Trece, was Marina Calabro, who anticipated in her column in Lanata sinfilter (Radio Miter), that Cuestión de peso will extend its broadcasts, since since its return to the small screen has been achieving averages of 5 points of ratingwhile 1D2 will go off the air in a matter of days and just over two months after its premiere.

They raise 1D2, Moldavsky’s former program, now Fede Bal. TV is quite cruel, on the fifth program broadcast they were told that it would be lifted“explained the entertainment specialist about the determination made by the decision-making leadership in The thirteen.

1D2’s days are numbered on the small screen. Photo: Video capture El Trece.

Then, Marina Calabro added: “Fede has recorded until mid-June, because he had advanced programs because he had a lightning trip to Neuquén for a commercial issue, and now he has a month ahead in Europe with the Rest of the world, so they had already left programs recorded until mid-June. What I don’t know is if they are all going to be issued, I suppose so because otherwise they throw them in the trash and it is a sunk cost.“.

Finally, about Roberto Moldavsky’s decision to abandon his program in The thirteen Before her uprising, the columnist ironically: “Moldavsky more alive than hunger, he left just. For me they had the information and they sent it to Fede Bal when he died“.

A matter of weight will stretch its emissions after the lifting of 1D2. Photo: Video capture El Trece.

Beyond the blunt decision of the managers who command The thirteen1D2 these days achieved an average of more than 3 points of ratinga brand that is not so bad in its time slot.

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