Geraldine Bazán turned on the networks for a bad reason

The final stretch of The house of the famous It’s full steam ahead. The tenants who have survived inside have not hesitated to continue using their best weapons to win the fight. So, Geraldine Bazan allied with Maripily Rivera to make a strong team. They are in confrontation with Genesis Aleska and Lupillo Rivera; Thus, the businesswoman has not hesitated to attack the model frontally in the face of the support of the former Gabriel Soto; which has not been liked by the public who did not hesitate to show their disapproval.

“Participating in bullying! Imagine one of your daughters in Aleska’s position! And the only reason I come to your profile is because you came in with a flag of wanting ‘peace’; If you don’t feel ashamed of anything, you are not consistent. I’m not even a fan of Aleska, but you’re not what you want to appear,” warned a user on Bazán’s Instagram account.

“I never thought I would see a person who promotes hate that is shameful”; “What a disappointment and to think that I defended you against Irina [Baeva]”; “From now on we all apologize to Irina and Gabriel Soto. “It’s good that they let you”; “That’s why Gabriel Soto left you; “He looked for one more beautiful than you inside and out”; “Irina must laugh to see how poisonous she is. Snake”; “Falsehood made person. It’s good that I wasn’t wrong about her”; “What an ugly example for your daughters. Very disappointing Geraldine”, and “Gabriel Soto we do not value you, sorry for not believing you; “Now we understand what you have suffered,” were other comments from Internet users.

Geraldine Bazan.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images For Chopard

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It seems that the way the interpreter of Olga Ancira Cervantes behaves in the melodrama Crown of Tears 2is not being liked by viewers.

Geraldine Bazán are spending their last days inside The house of the famous Will this behavior deduct points? It will be seen when the final happens.

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