“Full of steroids and botox” – Publimetro Chile

“Full of steroids and botox” – Publimetro Chile
“Full of steroids and botox” – Publimetro Chile

The Italian Daniele dal Moroknown for being the ex-partner of Oriana Marzoli, the current participant of “Ganar o Serir”, harshly criticized the Argentine Luis Mateucci through their social networks.

The Italian’s criticism came after in a recent episode of the Channel 13 reality show, Oriana was asked about her ex in the middle of an activity. On that occasion, the Venezuelan preferred to “pass the word” and she only referred to him as “the unmentionable.”

Now, and for no apparent reason, the businessman and well-known face of Italian TV launched himself against the Argentine model and Daniela Aránguiz’s ex, Luis Mateucci. The 33-year-old only had harsh terms for him, also Oriana Marzoli’s ex-partner.

“Imagine me looking at someone full of steroids, anabolics and botox, otherwise I would look like a grandfather talking about me, next to someone who doesn’t even have a cu…”was what Dal Moro wrote on his X account, which did not go unnoticed among his followers.

“Imagine my face that I have one foot of anabolic steroids and botox altrimenti so many times that I don’t comment on something that really doesn’t have anything to do with my ass. Ciao”, were the words specifically written.

As expected, various netizens commented on the post, while some agreed with the insults issued towards Mateucci, there were others who defended Marzoli, and let him know that the reality girl has not referred to Dal Moro at any time within the program. reality television.

It should be noted that the Italian and the Venezuelan had a relationship from the end of 2022 until November 2023. They both met during their participation in the reality show “Grande Fratello VIP 7”, the Italian version of Big Brother. However, after a year of romance, the couple announced their breakup, which would have occurred on bad terms, and so Oriana decided to return to her home in Spain.

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