Fury’s sister explained when she became so rebellious

Fury’s sister explained when she became so rebellious
Fury’s sister explained when she became so rebellious

Written in SHOWS he 5/19/2024 · 12:50 p.m.

At the center of the controversy that has arisen around the behavior of Juliana “Furia” Scaglione in Big Brother 2023Luis Ventura interviewed his sister Andrea, who offered a more intimate perspective on the contestant.

“When does that fury start to manifest itself in Juliana?” Ventura asked during the broadcast of True Secrets. Andrea Scaglione did not hesitate to respond: “It is a rebellion against established norms. From a very young age, Juliana created an initiative called ‘Breaking the System’. She was around 16 years old when she started buying t-shirts and printing that slogan on them. She designed very attractive clothes and sold them through her own website. She was always a girl with a clear and determined vision.”

“It was at that stage when he began to show his discontent with the world. We all feel that frustration at some point, and in Juliana’s case, it is something I understand perfectly. She is a very intelligent person with a great character,” Andrea continued, honestly.

Andrea also shared details of a personal conversation with Juliana “Furia” Scaglione: “I told her, ‘Sister, you are a person who I don’t know where he fits. I don’t know if you should be in this country, somewhere else, or even on another planet. I really do not understand you’. I see her different from our other siblings, she is unique. From a very young age she understood profound aspects of life, especially in the artistic field.”

Finally, when questioned by Ventura about whether Juliana’s fury manifests itself violently, Andrea was categorical: “No, it is not violent. She has a strong temperament, something she inherited from our grandmother. Juliana would never resort to physical violence, although sometimes she can raise her voice and be very expressive, which can lead to misunderstandings in her interactions.”

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