The differences between the Netflix series and the real case of Asunta


The Netflix miniseries, The Asunta Case, managed to collect hundreds of views.

The Asunta case on Netflix

The series of Netflix It generated mixed opinions since its premiere and not only because it adheres to the veracity of the facts. Specialist in The Asunta case They assure that there are certain data that do not correspond to the real facts.

The series It premiered on April 26 and quickly positioned itself among the most viewed on the platform. This is due to the controversy that the event caused in Spain.

Candela Peña, Tristán Ulloa, Javier Gutiérrez and María León were responsible for interpreting those involved in the shocking case.

The case that shook Spain on Netflix

The miniseries reconstructs what was one of the most shocking crimes in recent years. The girl’s adoptive parents were sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2015, however, Rosario Porta took her own life in 2020.

The miniseries available in Netflix of 6 episodes was made under the direction of Ramón Campos, Gema Neira, Jon de la Cuesta and David Orea.

Asunta Case

Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa were responsible for interpreting those involved in the shocking case.

Operation Nenúfar is a four-chapter documentary that tells the details of the case. This documentary even includes the testimonies of Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra.

The investigative documentary provides unpublished material and evidence that opened the possibility of other theories that were not considered during the investigation of the case, for this reason it was compared to the series of Netflix which added more fiction to tell the story, slightly altering the real data of the case.

  • Up to 7 agents were involved in the investigation. There were only two representative characters to simplify the development of the story.
  • Rosario Porto’s lover, who had not appeared in the previous documentary about the case, does appear played by the actor in the Netflix series Machi Salgadoappearing in the second and third episodes of the production.
  • The series of Netflix It plays with the times of the story to give it greater dynamism and the exact chronology of the events and police procedures is lost, so that the narrative is clearer and more agile.
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