Mirtha Legrand’s question that made Darío Barassi uncomfortable

Mirtha Legrand’s question that made Darío Barassi uncomfortable
Mirtha Legrand’s question that made Darío Barassi uncomfortable

The host shared that his work on the program ” Ahora Caigo ” takes him to eat on the channel and receive gifts from the participants. which makes your goal of controlling your diet difficult.

This is not the first time Mirtha Legrand Surprise your guests with direct and unfiltered questions. Her front-facing style has generated both admiration and criticism throughout her extensive television career.

Beyond that specific moment, Mirtha He also broke the ice at times with some jokes, even referring to his age and the memes that circulate.

The emotional moment at Mirtha Legrand’s

Barassi He couldn’t hold back his tears when talking about his mother, who died in November of last year from pancreatic cancer.

Driver shared with Mirtha Legrand the pain of the loss and acknowledged that he is still processing the situation, describing it as a “issue that I am still resolving“.

Barassi He detailed how his mother’s illness progressed rapidly, leaving him only six months to enjoy her company before her death. Driver expressed the difficulty of facing this sudden loss and how work became a refuge to cope with the pain.

Despite the difficult moment, Barassi He found driving a form of escape and distraction, comparing his work to acting. Work allowed him to relax and disconnect, giving him a space for relief in the midst of grief.

From lawyer to driver

During the interview, Dario Barassi revealed how he came to driving unexpectedly. Despite being a lawyer by profession, his passion for theater led him to study acting and work as a notary.


Mirtha Legrand, always controversial with her questions.

However, it was during the pandemic, when his play was canceled and he became a new father, that he received the opportunity to host.

Barassi He described the moment as a hard blow, since the pandemic stopped his acting career and his wife, a psychologist, was overwhelmed with work due to the quarantine. In the midst of this situation, he received the proposal to audition to host a program.

Despite believing that he had not been successful, he was selected and since then he has found driving a space where he feels comfortable and fully enjoys.

The driver expressed his gratitude for this unexpected opportunity and highlighted that driving has become a passion that fills him with satisfaction.

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