If the question is whether you will keep the HBO Max lifetime discount with the arrival of Max, the answer is this

If the question is whether you will keep the HBO Max lifetime discount with the arrival of Max, the answer is this
If the question is whether you will keep the HBO Max lifetime discount with the arrival of Max, the answer is this
  • It is possible to maintain the lifetime discount, as long as we do not change plans

  • Max is the fruit of the merger between HBO Max and Discovery+

When HBO Max arrived in Spain it did so with a most succulent offer: a 50% discount for life. That promotion was kept as long as the subscription remained active and now, with the arrival of Max (the merger of HBO Max and Discovery+), the question may arise: what will happen to that promotion? Will the discount be maintained?

The answer is “yes, as long as.”

Wait, what is Max? This is Warner’s new streaming platform that combines the content of HBO Max and Discovery+. It is the successor to HBO Max and comes with more content, live broadcasts, etc. In short, we can find HBO Max content (‘Harry Potter’ and the series that will arrive in the coming years, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Dune’, ‘Game of Thrones’…); that of Discovery+ (more focused on documentaries and thematic programs) and even sports (which are purchased separately).

Okay, what about my account? It will be migrated automatically. You don’t have to do anything in that sense. HBO Max will cease to exist and will give way to Max. All your profiles and viewing history will be maintained. As for the app, it will simply be updated. That’s all.

This is what users who already subscribed to HBO Max will see when checking their subscription in Max | Capture: Xataka

What about the lifetime discount. HBO Max had a single subscription plan that included all content in the highest possible quality. With Max, things change. There are two plans: standard and premium. There is no longer a single plan like before and the differences are the following:



simultaneous screens







Full HD




Dolby Vision


offline downloads





Dolby Atmos


9.99 euros per month

99.90 euros per year

13.99 euros per month

139 euros per year

If we want to maintain the 50% lifetime discount (4.99 euros per month) we will have to stay on the “Standard (old)” plan, which is the one that appears in our customer area as we can see in the screenshot above. The “but” is that we cannot change plans, since by doing so we will lose the discount associated with the HBO Max account.

On the other hand, and as confirmed by Max:

“Existing HBO Max customers will be migrated to Max while retaining the features and functionality of their current plan for a set period of time. They will be informed in advance in the future if changes to their plans are necessary.”

In other words, those subscribers to HBO Max will switch to Max with the same conditions, that is, the lifetime discount (if they have it), the reproduction of content in 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos technologies. If you had it before, it remains the same, although the possibility of there being changes in the future remains up in the air.

Objective: boost premium. With this move, Max aims to maintain the customers it has gained and, at the same time, promote the Premium plan, which is, in turn, the most complete. In addition, he has a powerful catalog of content in the oven with the new season of ‘The House of the Dragon’, ‘Dune: The Prophecy’ and the ‘Harry Potter’ series expected in 2026.

HBO Max was weird. In that sense, it is worth remembering that HBO Max was a rare bird in the world of streaming. While it was normal to offer different plans with different resolutions and prices, HBO Max offered a single subscription that included everything. With the arrival of Max, the platform has joined the trend of its competitors.

Images | Xataka

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