The tremendous fight between Furia and La Gata Noelia in Big Brother: “They have little time left”

The tremendous fight between Furia and La Gata Noelia in Big Brother: “They have little time left”
The tremendous fight between Furia and La Gata Noelia in Big Brother: “They have little time left”

The discussion between the participants escalated so much that Emmanuel Vich had to intervene so that the singer from Córdoba came out with him to the patio to put a stop to the insults.

This was the crossing of Furia with La Gata Noelia

They said everything. Once again the house of Big Brother (Telefe) It was filled with screams because of Juliana “Furia” Scaglione who on this occasion got into a screaming fight with Noelia La Gata.

The very tough discussion began when Aixa, Zoe Bogach’s mother, asked the question They did believe that players who are saved from tackle They managed to avoid the nomination by order of highest percentage of votes.

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Furia once again revolutionized the Big Brother house with a loud shouting match with La Gata Noelia. (Photo: Telefe capture)

The stuntwoman told him that she didn’t think it would work that way and took advantage of the situation to attack the stylist Emmanuel Vich, who is allied with La Gata. The fandom went to the car… and that “He had a good nominees dinner regarding the LGBT flag to get votes.”

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This was the last straw that broke the patience of Noelia La Gata who, upon listening to her, asked her to respect what the flag of the group of gays, lesbians and trans people represents. But without giving an inch, Furia, without a doubt the most controversial player on reality, ordered him to shut up. “I am LGTB, so close the o…, you are not going to tell me what I suffered. “You respect me and my house, this is my house, you come to steal a camera.”He launched.

But the singer from Córdoba did not plan to calm the discussion either. “Ordinary, you are an ordinary. Steal a camera? I have been working for 33 years. You respect that you don’t respect anyone. Respect the colors and the flag. You don’t even respect women.”

Noelia the Cat had a shouting match with Furia in the Big Brother house. (Photo: Telefe capture)

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The discussion became so heated that in a moment were just screams that were thrown between the participants so Emmanuel and La Gata chose to leave the house to go to the patio.

However, when they left, Furia continued insulting them and even dared to make a strong threat to them. They have little time left. Make your own fandom and stop shitting on others,” he remarked..

When they arrived at the patio, Noelia said to her Emmanuel: “Furia was the one who screwed up all her companions.”.

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