Joselo and Juanfra’s first flirtation in “Como La Vida Misma”

Joselo and Juanfra’s first flirtation in “Como La Vida Misma”
Joselo and Juanfra’s first flirtation in “Como La Vida Misma”

This Tuesday’s episode of the Mega television series won’t be the most exciting for Thiaselo fans. And Joselo (Max Salgado) will have his first friendlier approach with Juanfra (Rodrigo Walker) since they met.

In “Like Life Itself”, Juan Francisco Möller came to live in front of the Morales García house, literally colliding immediately with Max Salgado’s character. The new neighbor ran over Joselo on his scooter and broke the screen of his cell phone.

To make matters worse, JuanFra started working in the same bar where Sole’s eldest son (Soledad García) works, thus increasing the tension between them. However, All this bad vibes between them will end in the next episodewhen they start to know each other a little more.

Joselo and Juanfra begin to get closer

Juanfra will hear Joselo talk to Bea (Carmen Zabala) about her breakup with Thiago (Francisco Dañobeitia) and how this has affected him greatly over the past few days. For the same reason, he will invite him to go out to a gay club with some friends, to cheer him up, and He will also offer to take you home on his scooter. leaving work.

Once they have arrived home, Salgado’s character will want to know how his new neighbor knew he was gay. “Because crazy eye doesn’t make mistakes, Or do you think I didn’t realize that you were looking at my dick all day?“, the doctor’s son will respond.

Given Joselo’s nerves, Juanfra will laugh and tell him that he is joking. “I caught you because of how you talked about your ex, you threw a phrase at him with your friend from a ‘new world’, I mean, you couldn’t be more obvious… and besides, you looked at me in the ass,” Walker’s role will express, laughing, adding “did I make you nervous?”

Joselo will admit that he is just entering this world and that Thiago was his first boyfriend. “Ah, you’re in the mood for the first kiss, the doubts, telling your parents… look, I don’t understand what your relationship was like, but when we all finish, we end badly, and that new world you talked about can be very entertaining and diverse“Juanfra will tell him.

Goodbye Thiaselo, hello Juanselo!

“Let’s start again?” Juanfra will propose, introducing himself again and assuming that sometimes he can be annoying and unpleasant. “Everyone calls me Joselo, I am an audiovisual worker, I study film…”, the eldest son of the Morales García family will manage to say, when the neighbor interrupts him by asking him “and a recurring crybaby?”

“Give the reel thing a spin, it can do you good,” Juanfra will conclude, thus marking the first rapprochement between him and Joselo. Could it be that Thiaselo is already behind us and we are seeing the beginning of Juanselo?

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