Jesús, Pepe Rodríguez’s son, appears on ‘MasterChef’ and leaves a reference about Real Madrid

Jesús, Pepe Rodríguez’s son, appears on ‘MasterChef’ and leaves a reference about Real Madrid
Jesús, Pepe Rodríguez’s son, appears on ‘MasterChef’ and leaves a reference about Real Madrid

This Monday he returned to the television grid ‘MasterChef’, the flagship of TVE that has left behind the controversy with former contestant Tamara, with a broadcast full of emotions, with the visit of family and friends to the edition’s contestants. Grandmothers, couples and even children have participated in the first of the night’s tests.

A cooking in which Pepe Rodríguez also participatedto whom he hesitated Jordi Cross initially: “We called your house and no one wanted to come.”, until his son crossed the door of the set, Jesus. “I shit in the salty sea! This is really big,” said Pepe when he saw his son, visibly excited and joining him in a hug.

This is the first image of the renowned chef’s son on television, and it surprised everyone, including those present, due to the great resemblance between the two. “It’s the same!” Pulga later pointed out. “You had not told me anything“, the Illescas chef insisted, later explaining that his son is not as fond of cooking as he is: “I prefer to eat,” he responded.

I didn’t know anything about what my son was coming from, only Jordi Cruz. It’s the magic of ‘MasterChef’which always surprises you,” Pepe Rodríguez later said outside the set, and before performing the test, where they had to cook up to nine different tapas using different techniques.

Already during the cooking, Pepe was seen totally excited. “When I cook, the goat messes with me“, said the chef in front of the camera, to which Jesús responded: “Because he always cooks the same thing, Jordi is going to have to come and cook.”

In the end, Pepe and Jesús ended up cooking nine tapas that conquered the rest of the judges, including a shrimp marinated with bacon, pork in adobo with oyster sauce, cod in adobo, rabbit in salmorejo, macerated tomato, chicken wings in barbecue, tuna tartare in macerated leaves and a seaweed salad.

The reference of Pepe’s son about Real Madrid

Once off the set, Pepe Rodríguez appeared with his son, Jesús, describing the cooking as an “incredible” experience. “We are like the Ancelottis. I give you the assists and you already score the goal. I give you 99%“said the chef’s son in a clear nod to the club of which they are fans, Real Madrid, referring to Carlo and Davide Ancelotti.

Then, Pepe Rodríguez invited him to also go to his restaurant to work: “Well When I call you this Sunday early to go to El Bohío, let’s see if you continue with the same attitude”.

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