Although the entry of family members into the house is to support the players in question, Darío Corti’s son helps another of his companions more to the point that they began a love relationship. This did not please his father, who questioned his attitude at home.

These are Francisco Corti and Juliana Scaglione, who slept together on more than one occasion and everything indicates that they maintained intimacy despite the comments that Darío made against it. As soon as he entered, he told his daughter that, if Fury went one way, he should go the other, in order to get away from her.

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However, he didn’t pay attention. On her part, Juliana, who has just suffered the departure of Mauro, her partner in the house. But what she doesn’t know is that the former participant from the outside does not speak well of the participant at all.

But since Furia received screams from outside with messages about what is happening, he imagines it and decided to be the same with Pancho. This did not sit well with her father and on the outside, Darío’s image is going down due to Francisco’s responsibility.

Big Brother 2023: Fury asked to isolate Emmanuel and Virginia exploded against him

The participant Virginia Demo exploded against Juliana “Furia” Scaglione after she asked her to isolate Emmanuel Vichsince he stated that you should never do that even if it is Big Brother 2023.

While Martín, Florencia and Delfina were in the kitchen, Virginia decided to make an unexpected announcement that took them by surprise. “What I told Furia is that I’m not playing with anyone, I’m alone. But I’m not going to leave anyone alone, and if they come to hug me, I’m not going to say no.“Demo revealed.

But this was not the only thing, the 55-year-old participant decided to target Juliana again: “Later I found out that Furia is saying that I play with Emma, I told him that I don’t play with anyone. Why would I leave him alone? The same with her, we already know how it is“. With the latter, he made it clear that she’s not happy with Scaglione and a new war could break out in the house.

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