Preview of chapter 62 for Wednesday, May 22

Preview of chapter 62 for Wednesday, May 22
Preview of chapter 62 for Wednesday, May 22

Midweek at Perfumerías de la Reina, a business surrounded by tensions among its workers, whose lives are not easy at all. This is what will happen in chapter 62, which will air on Wednesday, May 22 at 3:45 p.m..

After a long time with suspicions about his intentions, and after having investigated him, Joaquín and Luis decide to set a trap for Gonzalo. Will they be able to finish him off? For its part, Andrés has a pretty crazy plan to try to solve the lavender problem.but to carry it out he will have to convince his father and brothers, something that will not be an easy task.

Tasio confesses his secret to Claudia

Now that Luz’s departure seems to be imminent, Luis tries one last approach to her. After his visit to the reformatory, Fina is full of doubts about what she should do with Rafa. Furthermore, Tasio already knows Claudia’s big secret, confessing to her that she knows the fact that she is pregnant with him. Meanwhile, María wants to go one step further with Andrés after his good experience with Julia and, to finish, we have Begoña who, although she is sure that the accident has changed Jesús a lot, she sees something in him that makes her
It makes him distrust again, something that doesn’t fit him.

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