The Simpsons season 35 reveals one of Milhouse’s saddest moments

The Simpsons season 35 reveals one of Milhouse’s saddest moments
The Simpsons season 35 reveals one of Milhouse’s saddest moments

Created by Matt Groening, the seasons of The Simpson They are available through the Disney+ catalog.

Despite its ups and downs, time does not take its toll on The Simpsonwhich continues unstoppable as one of the series most watched in the United States after 35 years, with millions of viewers watching the situations starring Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Currently we can follow the new episodes of the series through Disney+, a platform that has already added the first batch of episodes of season 35 to its catalog.

However, in the United States the season has just ended and it does so showing one of the saddest moments ever seen in Milhouse. We tell you in more detail below, but not before warning you of SPOILERS of the episode.

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Milhouse’s sad moment in The Simpson season 35

As collected Screen Rantthe best friend of Bart lives one of his saddest moments in the last episode of the series broadcast on Fox.

In the chapter Bart’s classmates They have the task of taking care of an egg as if it were their child. to experience what the responsibility of being parents is like.

In particular, Milhouse is enjoying the experience and notes that he is trying to avoid the mistakes his parents have made.

However, slight frustration causes Milhouse to lash out and yell at the egg, blaming “his son” for being a failure..

The outlet notes this joke as a rather dark and revealing moment for Milhouse, as it highlights how he “perceives his relationship with his parents, pointing out how they have been poor caregivers while seemingly doomed to repeat their mistakes.”

So, “The scene underlines how tragic Milhouse’s home life is.even when his family is closer than ever.

It is not the first nor will it be the last time that we see Milhouse’s family frustration, but perhaps this is one of the character’s saddest moments as he sees that he aspires to be just like his parents.

The next batch of episodes of The Simpson season 35 will soon arrive in the catalog of Disney+ Spain. What do you think of this Milhouse moment shown in the series?

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