DTT could experience a historic moment with the premiere of a new channel

For a long time, many Prisa executives have had the dream of seeing the group return to the television sector with its own channel. In the past they had Cuatro, but after a career in which they accumulated debts, they decided to sell the channel, which became the property of Gestevisión Telecinco. That happened more than 10 years ago and It seems that the time has come for Rush to try again.

A very solid plan

It must be taken into account that, as we say, this is not the first time that Rush has a channel. This makes the development of the project much easier than you can imagine, since it has a series of executives involved who already have experience in the matter. Its objective is for this channel to be able to compete head-to-head with the big players and to bring together a high volume of advertising revenue.

It is not easy, since right now advertising on DTT is distributed by Mediaset and Atresmedia, leaving moderate amounts to the rest of the channels. But in Prisa they aim high and, as we read in El Independiente, They aspire to get 15% of the advertising on the small screen. That would give them weight in DTT and a capacity for survival that, apparently, will be found framed in signing collaborations and proposing a strategy that is very profitable.

This is what they need

For this new DTT channel to come into existence, Prisa has to solve four different factors. The first is to obtain a broadcast license, which would have the opportunity to buy or rent depending on the options they come across. Possibly, renting would be the most feasible in view of the circumstances, although there would be nothing to rule out.

The second is about obtaining permission from the Government to be able to begin the broadcast, which is believed to not be complicated. In the third factor, Prisa would find itself facing refusal or opposition to this project by some of the group’s executives. At least, as commented in El Independiente. And lastly, they would have to ensure content production with which to load the channel in a way that would make it competitive. To this end, Prisa is already beginning to make progress in the audiovisual sector as confirmed by the presence of the El País TV channel on Rakuten, a launch that took place recently.

Prisa would have to find a balance in the production of content and in obtaining content provided by other pillars of the industry to form attractive programming. After all, they are trying to turn their channel into one of the new successes of DTT, so that will require them to shape very interesting programming around it.

For now they have those objectives and challenges to meet, but it seems that the project is progressing well and that, possibly, we will end up encountering this new channel sooner than we can imagine. For viewers, of course, having access to a new channel will undoubtedly be very good news.

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