Alana’s macabre plan

Alana’s macabre plan
Alana’s macabre plan

In the last episodes of the fiction, avid fans have witnessed how Alana (Dayana Amigo) discovers that Valentina (Camila Hirane) is none other than her sister. Now, leaked episode of “Game of Illusions” which will be uploaded to Mega Go today, Wednesday, reveals the villain’s macabre plan.

Episode 344 of Mega’s daytime soap opera, which will air this Wednesday and is now available on Mega Go, reveals the conversation that the most dangerous prey in El Faro will have with her sister. Let us remember that Valentina received a beating from Alana and, to prevent him from killing her, she let him know that they were family.

In the exchange of words, Julián’s partner (Julio Milostich) came to think that the truth would calm the criminal and that would make her change her attitude towards herHowever, this was far from happening. Mariana’s enemy (Carolina Arregui) reproached her for pretending to be a journalist in the first instance to get information from her.

At that moment, in the episode that can be seen on the virtual platform of the private station, under pressure from Alana to know about Valentina’s personal life, the latter She revealed to him that she was the stepmother of Nazir’s daughters..

Leaked episode of “Game of Illusions”

In that context, now, episode 345 of “Game of Illusions” was leaked and, according to Page 7, the prison villain will make a macabre decision with her sister after learning that she had some kind of relationship with Mariana’s daughters.

It turns out that Alana will break out of the cell where she was confined alone and You will reach the basement that has the escape route that you will use to escape.. Here, she will look for the fictional protagonist to assure her that she has a “surprise” for her.

When she takes her to the basement, the criminal will show Mariana that she has nothing more and nothing less than Valentina beaten, gagged and tied by her hands and feet. So he argued that he did it as a “sign of loyalty” to her.

Given the complex situation, the leaked episode of “Game of Illusions” shows that Julián’s ex-partner will be extremely disconcerted and will ask him to have mercy on the young investor. But at her pleas, Alana will tell him that he will no longer need her to escape from El Faro, because Valentina would be the key..

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