Arturo’s painful accident that once again put Big Brother fans on alert

Arturo’s painful accident that once again put Big Brother fans on alert
Arturo’s painful accident that once again put Big Brother fans on alert

When she stopped, the woman from Córdoba accidentally stepped on the paw of Arthurcausing Emma Vichwho was next to her friend at the end of the table, made sure that nothing had happened to the animal.

The woman from Córdoba reacted with a scream after what happened and that was it. Martin Ku who consulted him: “Are you okay, Noah?”. “I’m so good. I just stepped on it” she answered, minimizing the episode.

Meanwhile, the rest of the participants continued eating as if nothing had happened, without being very aware of the dog’s health, no matter how minor the circumstantial accident may have been.

In the image you can see how Arturo was taking refuge under the table, somewhat scared and in pain from the involuntary stomp of Noeliaand the fans of the reality show once again raised the issue on the networks, giving their opinion about the tranquility of the pet in the famous house after those tough confrontations between the participants.

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Noelia La Gata’s destabilizing phrase to Furia in Big Brother: “Everyone loves you…”

Rage revealed a lethal phrase that he received from Noelia La Gata and that left her thinking a lot about the house Big Brother, Telefe. The tattooed woman was the one who confessed what happened to Facundothe friend of Martin Ku.

In a dialogue in the room, Juliana Scaglione She told the young man what the singer from abroad told her and that it left her thinking a lot in the last few hours.

“Because all the people outside don’t love me,” was the lethal phrase he said Noelia to Rageaccording to what the controversial participant told Facundo.

To which the friend of Chinese He consulted him: “Is it what you feel that no one outside loves you?”. AND Rage admitted: “No, that’s what Noelia told me. She told me: ‘No one loves you, everyone hates you.’”

“But he can tell you that because he’s hot, who knows”tried to calm him down Facundo to Ragewho took those words from the friend of Emma with information from outside as true.

We will have to see how this affects the attitudes and game of the future in the future. Rage upon receiving that harsh comment from Noelia La Gata.

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