The robbery that shakes her

Image: Channel 13.

The journalist Mariela Sotomayor has become one of the great protagonists in Win or Serve?where he has had multiple conflicts with some fellow inmates, being Camila Recabarren one of her rivals.

A few chapters ago reality show, the expannelist of Foreground He claimed that some of his belongings had been stolen., targeting the former Miss Chile and Blue Marywho dismissed this accusation.

They were objects that he had brought to the Channel 13 program to do aura cleansing, and that he kept in a basket. “They took my poronguito and the other hueaíta from me or else they wouldn’t be here”stated.

“I suffered the theft of a tiny little pot which was to make incense, in fact, when I made it to Oriana (Marzoli) I had to use a plate. I also carried sage herbs to clean,” he told the Página 7 portal.

Regarding this episode, Mariela Sotomayor stated that “I was very sad, because there are codes that were impassable, What was messing with other people’s things?with the few belongings that we can have here.”

“If we take it to real life, No one has the right to mess with something that is yours, ever, ever.. “I believe that crime is one of the scourges of society.”held.

In that sense, he emphasized that “that this is experienced in a context of 16 people, who are working, and where each one brought objects that are important to them, I see it as a great lack of respect. I was very sad, I felt very violated”.

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