Another beloved host of ‘Venga la Alegría’ leaves the morning show; breaks relationship with TV Azteca

Another beloved host of ‘Venga la Alegría’ leaves the morning show; breaks relationship with TV Azteca
Another beloved host of ‘Venga la Alegría’ leaves the morning show; breaks relationship with TV Azteca

The exit and entry of drivers to ‘Venga la Alegría’ It seems that it has become a constant on TV Azteca’s morning program, which for a few months has been losing some of its most beloved members.

Which ‘Venga la Alegría’ drivers have resigned?

Since the departure of Sandra Smester, content director of TV Azteca, more than half of the hosts (both the programs that are broadcast during the week and those on the weekend) they have given up on the projectamong them are:

  • Dio Lluberes (producer of the program from Monday to Friday and weekend)
  • Laura G.
  • Roger Gonzalez
  • Horacio Villalobos
  • Mariano Sandoval
  • Mati Alvarez
  • Aristeo Cázares
  • Alana Lliteras

What other driver leaves the morning?

A couple of weeks ago, Mariano Sandoval announced his departure from the morning show to go to the ‘Hoy’ program. Now, a new member announced his departure.

Is about Carlos Múñoz, better known as ‘Chicken’who stopped appearing in the morning newspaper a little over a month ago and although he claimed that he had requested special permission, he recently confirmed his departure.

“Today I can confirm that my relationship with TV Azteca has concluded on the best terms. To the production and to all my colleagues who are now friends of ‘Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana’, my eternal gratitude and admiration, we built something of which we have always I will feel honored and proud,” he said.

Carlos Muñoz confirmed his departure through Instagram.

Carlos thanked the Azteca Digital area where he had some podcaststo Jorge Garralda for the opportunity to belong to his team, as well as to the reality show area for allowing him to be part of ‘Survivor’.

“From TV Azteca I took a lot of growth and a place where I could always be myself, with my style, where I could gain the love of so many wonderful people,” he added.

And I clarify: “I am pleased to know that I am not leaving because of bad performance or bad numbers, or because of some problem, but because of an external, personal situation, which fortunately has been resolved.”

I assure you that you will soon give news about your Next projects and ended by commenting: “for everything, thank you.”

What was said about the departure of Carlos Muñoz?

According to Hugo Alexander Maldonado, there were rumors that Carlos Muñoz, better known as ‘El Chicken’, would be fired because he could not be accepted by the public.

“I started to investigate and I found on the networks that this weekend he was not on the program ‘El Chicken Muñoz’ (…) His departure from ‘Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana’ had been in the works, and what encounter is that he was no longer on the program this weekend and that they had Toño Valdéz as a guest,” Maldonado explained.

However, this version has already been denied by the driver himself, who states that some personal situations led him to make the decision.

Who is Carlos Muñoz, better known as ‘Chicken’?

Carlos Muñoz, better known as ‘Chicken’, is a 41-year-old announcer and host. He studied Communication Sciences at ITESM CEM.

He began his professional career as a sports commentator at Grupo ACIR, where he hosted a newscast for 8 years. In his role as a sports commentator, he worked as a columnist and videoblogger at He was official reporter of the Mexican National Team and covered the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

In 2013, his career took a turn becoming musical announcer for the station 106.5 Mixwhere for 2 and a half years he hosted the ‘morning show’ and for more than 4 years he was in charge of the night show.

Carlos Muñoz was host of the fourth season of the program ‘Game Central’ on the Azteca 7 signalwhich focuses on pop culture and video games, after participating in the reality show ‘Survivor’, was invited to host a podcast at the Ajusco company and later joined ‘Come on the Weekend Joy’.

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