Dear host of ‘Venga la Joy’ says goodbye to TV Azteca

Dear host of ‘Venga la Joy’ says goodbye to TV Azteca
Dear host of ‘Venga la Joy’ says goodbye to TV Azteca

A month ago, the journalist Hugo Alexander Maldonado reported on his channel Youtube that Come the joy, In its weekend version, it would be carrying out various changes in its cast.

Let us remember that this is due to a production strategy to increase the ratings, just as they did on TV Azteca’s morning program during the week, as various hosts came to the broadcast as part of a restructuring of the program. The cast is made up of: Luz Elena González, Sergio Sepúlveda, Mauricio Barcelata, ‘el Capi’ Pérez, Kristal Silva, Quique Mayagoitia, Tábata Jalil, Jimena Longoria and Ricardo Casares.

Now, Carlos Muñoz, better known as ‘el Chicken’, published that will no longer belong to VLA weekend after a great absence in the broadcasts.

Come the joy / Courtesy Azteca

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Carlos ‘Chicken’ Muñoz leaves ‘Venga la joy’

After the departure of chef Mariano Sandoval from TV Azteca After 10 years of work, now it is another beloved driver who says “goodbye” to the Ajusco company forums.

Is about Carlos ‘the Chicken’although initially He assured that he had requested special permission to miss the emissions of VLA weekendrecently confirmed his departure.

Instagram: @carloschicken7

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Through his official Instagram account, the radio host also made his followers aware that His relationship with TV Azteca ended.

“Today I can confirm that my relationship with TV Azteca has concluded on the best terms. To the production and to all my colleagues who are now friends of ‘Come on the Joy Weekend’, my eternal gratitude and admiration, we built something that I will always feel honored and proud of.”

Carlos Munoz

He thanked TV Azteca for giving him the opportunity to grow in his career, by being part of various podcasts, as well as one of the seasons of Survivor Mexico.

“From TV Azteca I took a lot of growth and a place where I could always be myself, with my style, where I could gain the love of so many wonderful people.”

Carlos Munoz

He added: “I am glad to know that I’m not leaving because of bad performance, or because of bad numbers, or because of some problem, but because of an external, personal situation, which fortunately has been resolved.”

Finally, Carlos stressed that will let his audience know about his upcoming projects and He reiterated his gratitude for the years of work and experience: “For everything, thank you.”

This is what Carlos ‘Chicken’ said:

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At the moment, it has not been made known who will replace Carlos Muñoz. However, it was speculated that Toño Valdeswho was part of programs on the San Angel television station, such as As the saying goes, I would be new host of the program due to one of his participations as host in the morning program. Nevertheless, nothing has been confirmed.

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