Today’s episode, Thursday, May 23, of the Turkish series on Antena 3

In the previous chapters of ‘Original Sin’, Çagatay assures that He has always considered Halitcan as his son and confesses that he has started the legal adoption process: “I want to give him my last name and be a real father to him.” Feyza is affected when listening to him and seeing how he loves and cares for Halitcan, because she feels that her son has never enjoyed the affection of a father and, also, deserves it.


For her part, Kümrü becomes angry with Çagatay when she discovers what she plans to do regarding Halitcan and he goes after her. Both have a new meeting that ends in a passionate reconciliation. What they don’t imagine is that this time there is someone watching them. This is Yildiz, who has returned home. This time, the woman catches Kümrü with Çagatay. She is about to knock on the door and surprise them, but she turns away. The revenge will be terrible.

Yildiz is sad and affected in ‘Original Sin’

In this afternoon’s episode of Antena 3’s fiction, Yildiz goes straight to talk to her lawyer because has made an important decision: wants to divorce Çagatay. And not only that, she wants to keep half of his fortune, make him pay for all the damage he has caused her with his deception.

Yildiz is very sad and affected. She doesn’t want money, but revenge. Leaving Çagatay and, of course, Kümrü in ruins. To do this she must remain silent until she has sufficient evidence to be able to get a divorce and prove to a judge that Çagatay cheated on her with another woman while they were married. Meanwhile, Doğan tells his daughter that he is going to be Çagatay’s partner. The news does not sit well with Kumru.

The rivalry between Ender and Feyza is growing in ‘Original Sin’


After a few days, Doğan notices something strange about Yildiz. He believes that he may have found out about the infidelity and that he is preparing for revenge. The man fears for his daughter, because he knows that Yildiz has discovered the truth, he will have no mercy for her. At the same time, the rivalry between Ender and Feyza is growing, while Yildiz feels terrible for attacking Feyza for no reason. He thought she was her husband’s lover and she couldn’t have been more wrong.

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