Netflix: an acclaimed French series based on real events, to marathon on the weekend

On April 10 of this year, Netflix added to its extensive and varied catalog a French miniseries based on real events – which occurred in 1994 – which tells that, by order of a sect called the Order of the Solar Temple, 48 people voluntarily poisoned themselves and were then burned. This group was commanded by the Belgian Luc Jouret and the Frenchman Joseph Di Mambro, who claimed to be descendants of the ancient Templars. As the years went by, more deaths occurred. It was never possible to determine how many people collectively participated in the immolation, as it is speculated that some were murdered.

The new proposal of the red N takes this premise to take the viewer into the plot of the miniseries “Antracita”, a web cycle from France, which has 6 episodes, each with an average duration of 50 minutes. The police and dramatic thriller Netflix was created by Mehdi Ouahab, Fanny Robert and Maxime Berthemy, the latter two were also in charge of the script. The show takes place in a fictional town called Lévionna and stars: Noémie Schmidt, Hatik, Stefano Cassetti, Jean-Marc Barr, Nicolas Godart, Camille Lou and Florence Muller, among others.

The miniseries quickly became among the most viewed on the platform.

Just as many of the entertainment giant’s users were fascinated by this story of suspense, drama and intrigue, the miniseries also received some praise from the specialized press: “A story with an unstoppable rhythm, where action is combined with thriller and the grace of the unique Ida, who carries her own mysteries”, Lya Rosén from ‘Diario La Tercera’; “a bold narrative that takes several really big turns in surprising directions”, Jonathon Wilson of ‘Ready Steady Cut’; “If you liked the Polish series Netflix ‘Detective Forst’, you’re in luck. This one has a lighter tone at times, but it also becomes very dark”, Karina Adelgaard from ‘Heaven of Horror’, were some of the criticisms made about this Netflix production.

A short thriller to watch in one go over the weekend.

What “Anthracite” is about

The brief review that he released Netflix about the French miniseries “Antracita” details: “An old case is uncovered when a journalist disappears, which takes his daughter—a web detective—to a mountain town haunted by a sect, secrecy and death.” Thirty years later, a woman is murdered during the rituals of a suspicious community of acolytes of the sect.

Jaro Gatsi will meet Ida in the mountains, who is searching for her missing father. The young man must deal with an accusation of murder and she will be tormented by the secrets of the past and by a sect that marks the word “death” in its rituals.

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