Alana’s reaction to Tadeo’s death in Game of Illusions

Alana’s reaction to Tadeo’s death in Game of Illusions
Alana’s reaction to Tadeo’s death in Game of Illusions

Game of Illusions” will close this week with this Friday’s chapter, which is now available on MegaGo, where Alana (Dayana Amigo) will finally find out the death of Tadeo (Mario Ferregut)who was killed by Irene (Loreto Valenzuela).

He will learn the news after telling Mariana (Carolina Arregui) that he decided to remove her from the escape plan thanks to the fact that he has the money that his sister, Valentina (Camila Hirane), has. For the same reason, she would call her henchwoman to give him the pertinent orders.

What she never expected is that the one who answered the call would be Irene, who with some irony tells her that “inherited” your friend’s device and cut off the call. Seconds later in the same scene of “Juego de Illusions”, he sent Alana a message with Tadeo’s lifeless body: “See you in hell”.

This caused the villainess to burst into rage and begin to breaking several objects from the El Faro furniture store and screaming, completely desperate. This, under the watchful eyes of Mariana and Alana. In fact, the former will start to worry after her call with her mother.

“Your mom is a murderer!”

Seeing how she reacted after the call in which Irene answered, Mariana asked Alana what had happened and why she had reacted that way. Her “partner,” wrapped in rage, He did not hesitate to tell him and showed him the message he had received.

Your mom happens to be a murderer!“Rumián responded, leaving Nazir completely shocked. Following that, he received another message: “Send me the escape coordinates now. You do not have another option“, he recorded. Given this, Alana had no choice but to continue with the original plan.

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