Which channel won again?

Which channel won again?
Which channel won again?

This Thursday, like the rest of the days of the week, the morning programs on Chilean television “duel” to become the space most tuned in by the audience. Along these lines, this Thursday’s tune produced a winner who repeated the victory.

This morning, the programs broadcast on the AM strip began reviewing the unfavorable consequences of the strong precipitation from the previous day. With teams deployed in various parts of the Capital, the spaces revealed a large number of problems.

However, the tone of the guidelines was unexpectedly interrupted by unfortunate news: The death of Claudio Iturra, at 43 years of age, following a cardiovascular heart attack. Since, in his professional career, the journalist had programs on several stations, the rest of the morning was focused on remembering his memory and collecting testimonies from those close to him.

Thursday morning tune

In this context, according to data obtained by Fotech.cl, between 08:00 and 13:00 hrs, the channel that led the ratings for the second consecutive morning was none other than Mega. “Mucho Gusto” averaged a total of 6.6 units.

Along these lines, second place – which during yesterday’s day was a tie – was this time Chilevisión. “With You in the Morning” was not so far from the competition that it surpassed it and, in this pass, it obtained an average of 6.1 points.

Following them in third place was Canal 13. “Tu Día”, hosted by Priscilla Vargas and José Luis Repenning, was a little further away from its competitors. In this instance, the morning program reached an average of 5.3 units.

Finally, the unfortunate tone of National Television in the mornings was repeated. Although yesterday they reached 4 points, in relation to this Thursday’s tune, “Buenos Días a Todos” was in fourth place, averaging a total of only 3.8 units.

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