Furia’s sister demanded EMPATHY from Coti Romero for doubting the health of the Big Brother participant

Furia’s sister demanded EMPATHY from Coti Romero for doubting the health of the Big Brother participant
Furia’s sister demanded EMPATHY from Coti Romero for doubting the health of the Big Brother participant

The former reality show participant had a live discussion with Coy Scaglione about the stunt double’s leukemia.

Coti Romero questioned Furia’s health and crossed paths with the Big Brother player’s sister (Photo: Instagram/cotyrommero-capture YouTube)

This Thursday, Juliana “Furia” Scaglione counted on Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) that she underwent new tests after being diagnosed with leukemia and explained that they gave her “excellent results.”

In that framework, Coti Romero said on the air It got stung (Republic Z/YouTube) that The stunt double knew her diagnosis before entering the house and he crossed paths with Coy Scaglione, the player’s sister.

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Furia told how they gave him the new results of the studies (Photo: Captura Telefe)

The cross between Coti Romero and Coy Scaglione

It all started when the influencer was talking about her time on the current edition of the reality show. “For me there is a very important phrase that says ‘success is not measured by victories, but by improvements.’ I consider that since last year and today I improved a lot with last year’s GH. That’s why I went back in to see. Not everyone can say that it entered two consecutive editions and to play again,” he indicated.

Very spicy, Coy replied: “you spent it crying”. The former participant of Dancing He replied: “Let me finish. “You can see that it runs in the family.”

“What I consider is that I really improved a lot, which is really a lot what I achieved today. Sometimes you win a lot more by losing because I’m not the one in there. being violent and really looking very bad with the whole society“, said the Corrientes.

Coti Romero crossed paths with Coy Scaglione (Photo: YouTube capture)

Along those lines, Coti added: “The only people who don’t realize that are the angry ones and yet I am objective. I think she is a very good person, but I do not share the violence with which it is handled and that you drive too. “It’s not good to treat people like that.”

Juliana’s sister told her: “Do you remember what you did to Furia when she came out? Furia, as soon as she arrived from the clinic that had this diagnosis, you went, you bullfighted her and you head-butted her.”. Addressing the issue of Furia’s state of health, Coti launched: “He is the one who is in there because he can be, do you understand me? Nobody inside has to take charge of anything.”

Then, the woman from Corrientes gave information that was unknown: “What’s more, she already knew she had that. She told us herself that she did a study before going in to work at a gym. and? “I already knew I had that diagnosis.”

Coy jumped at his jugular and responded: “Coti, can you have a little empathy? Don’t say that it’s a lie”. The blonde crossed her and closed: “What empathy did she have when I had a panic attack? It is not like this”.

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