They took C5N off the air: the scandalous complaint

They took C5N off the air: the scandalous complaint
They took C5N off the air: the scandalous complaint

Recently, a controversy arose around the sign of C5N, the news channel, where an act of censorship was reported. As reported, yesterday, the television network experienced several interruptions in its transmission on Flow, which was reported by both its audience and the channel itself.

The audience stated that the broadcast was cut for the first time around 6:05 p.m. During the program led by Daniela Ballester and Julián Guarino. Shortly after 6:10 p.m., the journalist said: “The producer is informing me now and I was receiving some messages that the transmission is being cut.” “The black screen appeared three times.” “César, now you add to me that we also have problems with Flow, which is cut off.”

It is worth clarifying that interruptions in media transmissions can occur for various reasons, ranging from technical difficulties to deliberate interference. The truth is that, in democratic societies, any form of censorship is a serious concern, as it can indicate a violation of freedom of the press and expression. That is why when these incidents occur, these situations are often exposed, demanding transparency and responsibility from the parties involved. It is important that media organizations and regulatory bodies investigate and clarify the causes of such disruptions to ensure that the public’s right to information is maintained.

During the end of his program, Fernando Borroni decided to become the spokesperson for many of his classmates and colleagues. That’s when he mentioned what happened in C5N and gave an explanation after having suffered the interruptions himself.

Fernando Borroni more forceful than ever. Source: (C5N)

Without giving much thought, the journalist revealed that he is very clear about why this type of censorship arises on the channel, and that is that for some time now the programming of this network has the objective of showing everything that many do not want to see. The political position of this channel is a fundamental factor for this complaint, but the most important thing is that, on this occasion, it is the public who showed what was happening.

Now we just have to wait to see what the response is from the company involved in this complaint. C5N It is a channel with years of experience that made its place in the industry and earned the respect of many. Beyond the political flags, this chain deserves immediate responses to the complaint made and it is hoped that this situation will be clarified soon.

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