For me, lower your voice

For me, lower your voice
For me, lower your voice

“No one is bullying Zoe’s mother. The only thing I said, and many people think it, like Lu and many, that her mother’s behavior was not right, such as how she spoke to Zoe. That’s what I saw.”was the comment of the ex GH2022 which generated the disapproval of Capristo.

Crossing Romina Uhrig and Ximena Capristo – capture The night of the exes GH2023.jpg

It was then that Romina He ended up shouting: “Well, Black. But why are we here?!”which unleashed the fury of Ximena. “Stop stop Stop! Lower my voice for me. With me, change the gears!”she shot, distraught.

Of course, in her defense, the woman Gustavo Conti She added angrily: “I’m not bullying you. You have been interrupting me from the first moment we started the program. Don’t break my balls!”.

But the former GH2022 did not shrink. “ Lower your tone. I am speaking very well to you and let me give my opinion. “We are free to give our opinion.”argument Uhrig while Capristo He remained firm in his position: “For me, the mother did not harm the girl.”.

“What are we here for? You have your thoughts and I have mine. Nobody is attacking you here.”he continued Rominatrying to reason with her colleague who, upon finding herself cornered, managed to tone down the argument by sliding: “You just threw it at me… So let’s all drop a change.”.

Romina Uhrig’s crude analysis of Zoe’s elimination from Big Brother: “It was her fault…”

Less than a week after the elimination of Zoe Bogach of Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) with her mother, given that it coincided with the entry of family and friends to give strength to the participants facing the final stretch of the game, this Friday the former little sister Romina Uhrig It was more than spicy with the girl from Recoleta when it came to analyzing her departure from the reality show.

“For me, it was your mother’s fault because she didn’t support you, I said it before. Also, when your mother spoke out here, she made you feel very bad, and inside the house she said very ugly things that people didn’t like. So, I think that the large percentage was your mother.”the panelist from The night of the exes in front of one’s own Zoe.

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“Instead of thinking about her daughter’s game, the mother thought about her, about showing herself. Is my thought”he added forcefully, although quickly Ximena Capristo tried to defend Aixa Abasto ensuring that the only thing he did was support his daughter.

So, after listening to the different opinions, Zoe She timidly supported her mother by slipping: “I don’t think that’s the case. I had no idea what was happening out here while I was inside, but I don’t take it that way. “I think my mom went to accompany me”.

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