This well-known face from ‘Temptation Island’ clarifies what his true relationship is with Arón Piper

A few days ago one of the most famous faces in ‘Temptation Island’ He made public on Mtmad what his real relationship with the actor is Aron Piper. After starring in several headlines due to her relationship with Josué Bernal and her conflictive time on the Telecinco reality show, the Catalan has once again come to the fore for the rumors that relate her to the interpreter.

Mtmad collaborators


It all started when Zoe and the rest of her Mtmad colleagues were discussing the issue of alleged “open relationship” maintained by Sebastián Yatra and Aitana. “I don’t understand these modernities of today, of open relationships and the whole thing. I already lived it in my day and no. They don’t have the profile of having an open relationship, she has toxic girl vibes like me,” the collaborator began by saying.

At that moment the program took a photograph in which both the two singers and Arón Piper appeared in Malaga. Zoe seemed to know the owners of the restaurant where they were, something that surprised the rest of the collaborators. “I know them because they are friends of my cousin. Arón I know that every time he comes down he is with them, I have met him in Marbella“he explained.

Zoe Bayona clarifies her relationship with Arón Piper


“He’s very handsome, but he’s shorter than I thought. I saw it a year or so ago. I believe that he does not have a prototype in himself, from what I know about him, he has been with very different girls who do not… I believe that what he is looking for is from time to time to have someone to satisfy the basic needs of the human being , but without commitments. I have a friend who was with him and he says that during intercourse he said strange things,” he continued.

At this phrase, her classmates began to suspect that Zoe was talking about herself. “Me? Not me”, he answered. “It has come to the team of this program that you could have had something with Arón Piper,” one of the collaborators told him. “Not now, We met at a nightclub and maybe they saw us talkingbut no”, the Catalan ended up clarifying.

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