Why did Mark Tacher leave Top Chef VIP 3?

Why did Mark Tacher leave Top Chef VIP 3?
Why did Mark Tacher leave Top Chef VIP 3?

Under the leadership of Carmen Villalobosthe most demanding culinary competition on Hispanic television, VIP Top Chefreturned last Tuesday, May 21 to prime time from Telemundo with a third season full of conflicts, surprises and lots of fun.

20 celebrities, including Daniela Castro, Alicia Machado, Patty Christmas and Rosie Riveraput their careers on hold to test their cooking skills and win the grand prize of $200,000.

“The competition will be tougher than ever with the strict rules and demands of the jury made up of chefs Belen Alonso, Tono de Livierand Ines Paezknown as the ‘Chef Tita’“, announced Telemundo through a statement. “Throughout the season, more than 150 challenges will be faced and more than 1,000 dishes will be prepared for the jury to evaluate skills and techniques that will help determine who advances and who abandons the competition. competence”.

The first week of Top Chef VIP 3which aired from 7 to 10 pm ET, was packed with drama and left one unexpected casualty: that of the Mexican actor Mark Tacher.

Mark Tacher.


“We have a permanent loss. Unfortunately Mark Tacher is not going to continue in VIP Top Chef“, its host reported in Friday’s episode without delving into the details.

The news, as expected, took many viewers by surprise.

“What happened?”, “I don’t know why they don’t tell the public the reasons, they leave us with the gossip halfway” or “They should say why they resigned”, are some of the comments that can be read on the networks. social.

Mark Tacher.

Telemundo Realities

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People en Español contacted his representation agency and they informed us that the heartthrob of successful soap operas such as The mariachi’s daughter, abyss of passion and The queen of the southamong others, already had a previous project which unfortunately was brought forward in dates.

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VIP Top Chef It is a great personal challenge, unique, individual and very fun. We have had very personal moments in terms of seeing how you handle stress,” Tacher declared before the premiere in an interview for Telemundo 52.

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