They made fun of her for not having a belly button and now she gets rich thanks to her fitness videos

The Internet is full of stories that, sometimes, are capable of surpassing any fiction and today, as we have already told you in the title, we are facing one of those cases. Maybe, when you read the title of the article, you thought that not having a belly button “wasn’t that big of a deal,” but that’s because you didn’t know the history of Kirsty Stroudwhich shows us that even the ‘smallest’ differences in the physique can be a reason for ridicule and complex, but also for improvement.

Kirsty is a British athlete who, since birth, has dealt with the scars of urgent gastrointestinal surgery that left him without a belly button. During his childhood and adolescence, these brands were a source of ridicule and complexes that deeply affected his self-esteem.

Childhood, teasing and complexes

Kirsty tells how the scars and lack of a belly button made her feel different and ashamed. “I was very ashamed of the scar because no one understood it and they made fun of me a lot”says Stroud. The teasing and hurtful comments from her schoolmates led her to avoid situations where her scars could be seen, such as wearing a bikini or changing in gym class.

At the age of 25, Kirsty decided to change her life by dedicating herself to CrossFit, a discipline that not only improved her physical condition but also her self-confidence. “When I started training, I realized that I could overcome my complexes through exercise and discipline”he explained.

CrossFit became an essential part of her life, leading her to compete in major events and win tournaments such as the Battle of Britain and the French Throwdown. Her commitment to fitness not only transformed her body, but also helped her build a new identity, based on strength and self-improvement.

A new life in social networks

Kirsty eventually left her job as a delivery driver and became a fitness influencer, accumulating more than 150,000 followers on Instagram. Her content, which mixes exercise routines, wellness tips and motivation, has resonated with an audience that admires her resilience and dedication.

Kirsty’s success multiplied with her foray into OnlyFans, a platform where she shares exclusive content and has managed to generate six-figure monthly income. Despite receiving criticism and negative comments, Kirsty has learned to maintain her confidence and ignore the voices that try to bring her down. And in fact, she is now flush with money, so she has every reason to be happy.

Source: La Vanguardia.

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