What happens between Alana and Joe Joe, Maripily’s son?

What happens between Alana and Joe Joe, Maripily’s son?
What happens between Alana and Joe Joe, Maripily’s son?

Maripily Rivera has expressed on more than one occasion, both inside and outside The house of the famouswho would be the happiest if there was a loving relationship between her son and Alanawho met within the successful reality show from Telemundo. “She is a girl who, for her age, is 20 years old, cooks exquisitely and is very intelligent. She does not shut up and when Joe Joe When he arrived I said ‘hey Joe Joe, a girlfriend like that suits you’ because what mother doesn’t want for her son a woman who cooks for him, who is intelligent, who treats him well. “She’s coming for my birthday, let’s see what happens,” the businesswoman declared days ago at the press conference she offered in Puerto Rico.

But could there be a courtship between Joe Joe and Alana? And Guty?

“I’m literally not even a week out of Home. Give me a chance to breathe, to process, to see,” asked the fourth finalist of The house of the famous in a recent live broadcast on Instagram in which she was questioned about the issue. “Good things take time. All things go wrong when you speed them up or rush them. If you are going to do things well you really have to do everything at the right time, seeing, analyzing, knowing. I just came out of Home. I lived with Guty quite a bit. Joe Joe I’ve only seen him twice, I really like him, I liked him incredibly. He also seems like a super-educated man to me. The truth is that I think Maripily did a great job with Joe Joe, [es] Very educated, with many values, I like him. But what there is is a friendship in reality. Nothing else has happened with anyone. I’m single. For a start [estoy] living reality again. Barely adjusting, so wait. I don’t know. Joe Joe is a friend, I like him very much. But I don’t know right now there are more things they are putting on networks than what it is.”

Alana; Maripily and her son.

Instagram Alana; Instagram Joe Joe

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“And with Guty everything is fine too. Nothing bad has happened because there have also been rumors about absolutely everything,” continued the winner of Top Chef VIP 2. “I keep talking to him since I left. With Guty everything is very good. I can say only nice words about Guty. He is also a very respectful man, with many values, with many virtues. I grew very fond of him. I got to know him a little more. I was living with him for 2 months. Guty left in week 8, I only left less than a week ago and I always said I will never make a decision within a week. reality because I already lived that experience of falling in love within a reality “and it’s not that I regret it, because you learn from things and they make you stronger, but I don’t like making a mistake twice.”

Alana and Joe Joe

Alana and Joe Joe met within The house of the famous when the young man went to visit his mother and they have continued to maintain contact outside of the successful reality show from Telemundo.

Last Friday, Maripily’s son joined the live broadcast that Alana did with her mother from her Instagram account, where they spoke for several minutes.

“We’ll see each other in Puerto Rico,” said Alana, who was going to Maripily’s birthday.

“Whenever you want,” said Joe Joe.

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